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I get to meet the Man the legend

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Looks like Olaf will be at my house in a couple of weeks. :D I'll let him ride the Boss and I'll take the PSP and show him around a bit. Really looking forward to meeting him. 8)
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I may be up in the mountains for a few days the least week of April. I'd love to hook up with you two if I am there during the right time if you wouldn't mind a 3rd. I've never taken the Boss up to the hills and weather permitting wanted to get in a few days riding up there while I was off.

I'll let you know when he's going to be here as soon as I find out. Maybe we could give him a good ol US of A welcome. 8)
Let me know too LeMont! yer just over the hill from me....

yeah that would be fun...then we could all get together at Olaf's house and ride :p
all I know is that he and Ramona left on April 12th and he was really looking forward meeting you :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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