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I know these things have been talked about before but not much out there I could find with pictures to refer to. Depending on your electrical predicament, if you know where to place a few simple electrical jumpers you can be back on the road again quickly.

Be sure to put your bike or trike in NEUTRAL, because these jumper by-passes work around everything including the neutral safety switch. As others have warned, if you try to start your bike in gear, it might just take off without you!

The two main situations I have seen people having issues with that I wanted to prepare myself for are:
(1) Turning the ignition key and "nothing happens," or (2) the starter won't kick over. If you don't have any wire to use as a jumper, anything metal (conductive) will probably work, especially when jumping the starter motor.

Predicament 1. Assuming your battery is fine and if you turn on the ignition key and nothing happens, place a conductive jumper across the two large terminals on the master solenoid that I am pointing to. Alligator clips or something that will stay in place is best so it will stay connected until you get where you are going. I think Jack uses two ring terminals on a short piece of wire with one end left disconnected and taped over to prevent it from touching anything just in case he needs it.

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To bypass everything as if the ignition key switch was on, just put a jumper across the two big outer terminals of the master solenoid I am pointing to in the photo above. Everything should come alive as if you just turned the key on.

Predicament 2. If everything else seems fine but the bike won't crank (starter won't turn over), you can lay on the ground and momentarily put a wire or something conductive across the two terminals on the starter. You won't get shocked with only 12 volts DC, but you may see a spark from the current flow (amperage) that is needed to run the starter, but again no worries.

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There are only two terminals on most starters, so jump the small one I am pointing to and the larger lug terminal. With the key on and the bike in NEUTRAL just momentarily jump these two terminals to make the starter crank over.

A big thanks to Adrian and Jack for encouraging me put these two tricks to the test. Good to know.
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