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How Much Is Too Much??????/

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Did you ever think about how much HP would be too much on your
bike or trike?? :)
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I can't find the definition of "too much" Ha Ha!
except for this one! :cop2:

Yup, thought about it......came to the conclusion that too much is when you no longer have the heart or desire to hold the throttle wide open, or have that small tingling in your stomach letting you know that you're on the edge.

It's like Marv Jorgenson says......the race is over at 100....if you're not ahead by then, you need more power......or traction. We all discuss the weight and speed rating of the tires, but I know for me 152 on this bike is enough, and I've gone considerably higher than that on bullet bikes.

When I redid mine this winter, the whole theory was aimed at the 0 to 100 market......I can still say it's geared for 215 :twisted:

Hopefully every year that limit increases :lol:

Hope you had a great New Years........maybe this summer we can get over to your area and ride a bit.

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I think it depends upon what you're looking for. I'm a torque freak and seldom do over 120 but when I do I want to get there fast. I specifically chose the cam and manifold I did in the stroker for that purpose. I also want torque with a small twist of the throttle without the constant need for WOT. I also realize that the older I get the slower my reflexes and the smaller my balls get.
When I get back from a ride now, I'm damned satisfied and really don't want any more....but then again I've never ridden a 502 let alone NOS. :wink:
Currently working on my 502, and was just thinking about this question.

If I had a 1000hp, could and would I ever use it, without killing myself?

Like Joe, at 58 my balls are getting smaller, and was thinking at what
HP level I could be happy...............

Dam old age :shock: :shock: :shock: :D
For me the pursuit of power is as much fun as the power itself. I have yet to do anything to my Boss because I pretty much just got off of a 6 year power pursuit with my Valkyrie and I'm a little burned out from that. :shock:
Right now having the high stall torque converter and being able to leave rubber just about any time I want to has kept me from doing anything to this bike. Not to say that I won't but right now I have a really fun bike to ride that for the most part is reliable. I learned a long time ago that being King of anything is not near as important as some folks make it out to be. I think being satisfied is a wonderful attribute that I hope to achieve someday. ;)

I'll be 58 in February, so I understand about the shrinkage :oops: But I think that's the reason I opted for the NOS........thought pretty hard about a 502 this year, but for me the extra weight in a couple of years might be an issue, plus I guess my riding style is still fairly long days, lots of two lane twisties and the occaisional 'blast off' from 10 to 20.....like to ride a fair amount of time with the lady on the back.......I really wanted the abiltiy to get some additional traction (the 280 Metz) and a little extra for the Bourgets in town :twisted:

With the NOS, I may not use it often.......... but the BB.....I'd be in the gas all of the time like I am with the ZZ4 and I'd be in jail in a heartbeat :wink:

It took me half the summer to get comfortble doing the long burnouts on mine, and I have been riding since I was 15......I'm a slow learner....but even now I realize that these are really different animals and not to be taken lightly or without respect.

Hey Geez......with the Supercharger you just put on yours it will definately be easier to handle than on a 2 wheeler(see pic below of his blower) but I think you are over the limit on HP!!!....
I've talked to a couple guys that own the Mountain 606 all aluminum Merlins and are scared to death of them,so much torque and so easy to spin the tire at any speed....
I think you would be alot better off to sell yours and get a SMALL BLOCK!!!....especially at your age..HeHeHe :lol:

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I understand very well what Lamont is saying about being king of the hill , it's not a big deal . I'm very happy with the way my Boss runs . If I had all the money back that I put into Harleys over the last 45 years just to try to get 100-110 hp. out of them I'll bet I could buy three 502 's cash .

I could never be as quiet on this one as I have but...my old 'puter crashed and took a major dump and Jeanette and I spent the last week in NC. With all that in mind, please be advised of the following which I tried to eloquently quote below me signature....

Too much of a good thing is not enough!!!

Please try to remember and live by it, hee hee. These guys are talking the way they are 'cause they drive 2 wheelers. If they had a trike they would better understand that as with airplanes, boats, race cars and
trikes...more is better!

You da' man. Awesome setup!


Boy do I know what you mean about Harleys. I must have put well over $60,000 into my stroker to get her to 106HP and [email protected] lbs. torque. Mind you, this was well before the days of 140" bolt- in motors for $6000. I had to trial and error every piece, cams, ignitions, heads, trannies....you know it all, I'm sure. It does run like a bandit with the 6 speed Revtech trans but at a very high cost. This money includes many custom upgrades, of course but I'd guess $20,000 was for performance.
The thing I love most about the small block Chevy is the incredible aftermarket industry at unbelievably low prices and options. The cost to build my 383 stroker was much less than stroking my Harley!
The basic 350 V8 is the "Holy Grail" for the aftermarket and will remain so for years to come. Give me a ripping small block over a big block anytime.
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