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How hot is hot?

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Ordered a new 350 / 385 trike. Am familiar with this set up and can live with the heat. I live in S. Florida. I have a chance to buy a big block 502 trike. Reasonably priced, great paint & accessories. Not familiar with the big block. I hear that the heat is unbearable particularly with the trike and that I should stay with the 350. Is this true or overstated? Most of my riding is highway but you still have to get to the highway. Your opinions would be appreciated. I'm going to spend an afternoon with the trike but its not summer yet either. Nothing worse than not riding because its a toaster oven. Thanks in advance, quogue
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Heat 502


502 heat - a very interesting topic. I am on my fourth Boss Hoss, three of them 502's and two of the three were Trikes. I currently ride a 32 Coupe, Trike with a 502. I live in Florida.

You will get as many opinions as you get answers on this question. I have spent the last three years experimenting with modifications that reduce the 502 heat to be equivalent to a small block.

If you want to talk about it, there are many, many variables that affect the heat produced, give me a call. I'll be glad to share my experinces with you.
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