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Hot starting question

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I sold a 2004 cammed 350 to a guy here and he says the bike starts fine when cold but when bike is hot it will not start...will not fire even once....he does not have his choke tied off like my 2002 had....could the choke be coming on when it is hot? Thoughts?
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With out a doubt that is what it is. When I got my trike the choke was not tied off and that happened to me three times. The first time it was at midnight going into Yellowstone and I was at 10,000 plus feet, when I started to get super cold so I pulled over (spooky to) to put on some warmer clothes. I got some heave stuff on and that pup wouldn't start to save my neck. Here I am by myself in a scary place with animals moving around and me with a non starting Trike. I had luckily added a by pass button to the neutral safty switch so I turned the Trike around started coasting down the hill with the bike in low and pushing on the starter like crazy. It started so I turned around and headed on over the pass to a Motel some 50 miles away. It did it again later so I looked under the tank on the right side, took a long screw driver and pushed the choke arm back down and that was it. As soon as I got home I took the tank off and tied the choke off and now I have no troubles with that problem.

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Thanks Adrian....I will pass it along to him and see what happens... I also was pretty sure that is what it was (hopefully!).
What is a neuteral bypass button? Does this only pertain to the trike trans.?

Neil told me about the problem you would have if you ran out of gas in the fast lane on the trike because you have to stop and put the thing in Park to get the starter to start. That was the very first thing I did to the trike so if I did run out and the reserve couldn't pick up in time. It sure saved my bacon, and sure did on that hill.
I don't think we would need one on the 2 wheeler cause you can shift to neutral while going fast.

Hot starting problem

I know it's been a while since Barry posted the problem about hard starting. It was my bike with the problem, but I figured it out. Vacuum created with the engine running pulls on the small vacuum diaphram on the side of the carb and keeps the choke open. When you shut down, the choke wants to close again. However, you must make sure the throttle is closed (idling) when you turn the key off. With the throttle closed, there is a lockout of some sort to keep the choke from closing, as long as the throttle is closed. If you touch the throttle at any time with the engine off, it will trip the lockout and the choke will close, and now you are screwed. You will have to sit on the bike, reach under the tank with your right hand without burning yourself and hold the choke linkage open, and hit the starter with your left. The secret is not to touch the throttle on a warm engine. Once it's running, THEN hit the gas.
That's exactly right!! I found out after touching the throttle after warmed up. Big mistake! You have the ritual down! Now I have installed an electric choke that seems to be working very well. It won't let the choke close until the engine is really cooled off. I also tied back the spring on the vacuum diaphram.. Kind of a lot of work, but at least I don't have to reach under anymore! :D
Boss Man, now that I have the choke figured out, I'll leave it as is. It could prevent a theft someday if I'm stupid enough to let the bike out of my sight that long. :shock:
Thanks for the heads up on the choke. I am picking up my bike next month and riding back from Kansas. This little tidbit should be in the manual under trouble shooting.
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