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Hot Boss Hoss

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Wow, I just don't know how the people in hot climates ride the Boss. I must have forgot just how freakin hot it is to ride a Boss Hoss in 90 degree weather. I got the higher fan switch, the reverse shut off switch and the bike runs at about 180 to 190 range. Still look like a dish-rag after riding the Boss Hoss in the sun. Jumped on my Harley and thought I had installed air conditioning on it over the winter months. Even cruising at 65 MPH and the bike going down to 170's it is the hottest bike on the planet to ride. I'd hate to get caught in a real traffic jam with the boss. All my biker friends get so pissed at me in traffic if they are next to me and now especially in front of me with the reverse fan switch.

How do you guys in the Southern States deal with the heat on the Boss especially the trike guys since I hear they are even hotter???
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Our Bikes are so much fun that we don't even feel the heat. Both the 2 wheeler and our 3 wheeler get warm but not to the point we can't ride them and have to ride some other weak suck Bike. The weather gets in the 100's plus where we live but we don't have the humidity like the boys have in south. We do get to ride year around so maybe it is just getting use to it. Just made a trip for 600 miles this last weekend and was in some 65 to 70 degrees, coastal weather, and almost froze.

Hot is not a real problem with me, I came off of a Blown Valkyrie and I guess it is just about the same.
I guess I live in the hottest climate of them all, Arizona. I just changed the fan switch from 150 to 185 and it made a world of differece not having that fan run 100% of the time. I have the reverse switch also but seldom us it. My advantage is I have a prosthetic left leg so my discomfort is automaticly reduced by 50%!! Even in 100 degree weather the trike runs around 170. Like they say, "It's a dry heat."

I agree the fun factor is there hot or cold. The heck with the supercharger I'm looking where I can mount the compressor and condenser!! hee hee

You may think I am kidding but I have look close at the Honda Interstate air pods for the evaporators to fit in and I think I can make them work.

I certainly agree that these babies are hot, hot, hot. I'm sitting behind 200-210 degree air blowing by. It has been in the low 90's and humid here in central NC and I am dealing with it. She's a good bit warmer than the small block was that's for sure. So far I think it is still worth it.

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