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:D Hey just wanted everyone to know I am back, here in Indiana and looking for a small block bike 2000 or newer in the low $20"s.. I posted on the B.H. Country site also. Sold my last Boss Hoss a couple years ago and this Harley just ain't the same.. Let me know if anyone knows of a dependable bike in my range. Thanks !
Evansville, In.
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You just missed a nice one for 19K
Sold two hours after it was listed. :roll:

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yep!! I called on it the next day and they said the deposit had already been made and buyer was picking it up... dang it ! I'll keep lookin !!
That's a different looking seat pan on that Boss . It doesn't have the usual tail section on it that extends over the rear fender . Do you think it is something he custom made or can they be purchased this way ? It looks like it would fit a 2000 or older Boss frame .

Hey Kevin,

Here is one on Ebay.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... gory=49979

I've got some time here, so I'll look around and post others that fit your description.
Here is another one listed on Cycle Trader


There are three on the BHRA site classifieds, have you checked them?? All about $24 to $25 asking.

thanks guys for throwin idears my way too... looks like Kevin and I are both in market for similar rides and cost targets....

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