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Hey Don (not V-Man)

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Have you had a chance to take your bike out yet with the new torque converter? I'm thinking not seeing you haven't posted anything yet. :(
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Hi Lamont,
Nope. No test ride yet. Snow, sand, giant size puddles, (lakes), and besides today, cold. Not to mention all the body work is out for paint. Paint was supposed to be ready next week, but as of yesterday, it'll be awhile yet til I get it back.
I have installed Brembo brakes on the front to replace the Wilwood setup. Much better lever now, and, although in the garage, they seem to hold better too. (Mini burnout in the garage)
Now I'm experimenting with an electric choke conversion. Finished the install yesterday, and will try it today with a cold start. Stay tuned..........Don B
Howdy Don,

Sounds like there is going to be an abundant amount of burnouts in Mo this year with all of the new high stall converters.....sure hope one of the dealers gets the clue and brings some tires and a mounting/balancing setup..........could be lots of $$$$ in it for them.
:lol: I think I'll put that bug in Marvs' ear before the rally............ 8)

They way the weather is going, I may get to test mine before you....we should only have about 3 more months of winter here, probably 4 for you guys this year 8)

I'm pretty sure we can get something going in the little town of Osage at the Rock Island Line Bar..... :D

Hi Tim,
Ya might be right about that! I can almost smell the rubber burning now!
This seems to be an awfully long Winter to me. Maybe it's the prolonged cold we've had in the Northeast this year. My wife keeps asking me why I look so down. Must be cabin fever I guess.
On a positive note though, the converter change went smooth, and the other little mods have been coming along OK too. The electric choke has proven to be a bit of a hassle though. A few modifications to make it clear the tank. I think I have it now, going from memory, (what's that?) but have to wait for the paint to come back before I know for sure. Seems to work alright so far.
Well, back to the garage. Only place I have a smile on my face. :D
Later.......Don B
Hey Don,

I know if I was retired this winter, they probably would have found me swingin' from the rafters already :roll:

4 months into the crude and at least 2 1/2 to go :cry:

Oh well, I think by the tone of the post here and the other sites, we all have a case of cabin fever..........except Jack, and I think that has to do with a saying I saw in Cozumel last month......

"Reality is the result of a severe case of alcohol deficiency"

Have one for me Jack...cricket, cricket
Tim, your right about the cabin fever. Cheryl and I have decided to go to Daytona Bike Week a week early and stay the week after . Man I can't wait , 3 weeks in Daytona , just hope the weather is decent but anything is going to be better than shoveling the roof. Got the Boss all finished , washed and waxed today , Im ready .

You're killin' me........even if I had been able to get away, the painter is up to his old tricks again..........paint is still AT LEAST two weeks out and has to sit 30 days before assembly.......

I hope you guys all have a great time though.....and I hope that for once the weather is perfect, Daytona deserves to have a great year weatherwise.

Ya'll be careful and take lots of nasty pics.

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