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:x Can someone out there give me some advice. I believe my fan motor is crapping out. It seems to stick every once in a while and then kick back on. Happened today and I tapped the front of the fan and it started to run. The temp switch seems to be ok. Can I get this fixed at the rally. I don't have time before I leave.. If I can't, I'll just lay around the pool and suck on beers I guess. I am not going to miss this. Been planning it for to long.....Thanks... Steve
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It sounds like a wire may be loose or something. I was going to say check your fuse to make sure it is tight but if it is tapping on the motor that gets it going I'm thinking something is loose (ground maybe) or your fan motor may be heading south. Nevertheless, the factory will be there and they have about anything you will need in the way of parts if you can't get it fixed. Worse case you can buy a new fan. Have fun and I'll be thinking about all of ya. Sure is a good time.

Check the connector to the top of the thermostat - if like mine, the wire from the fan is crimped (not soldered). Try cutting it back & recrimp & solder.
Mine failed me on a hot day & the radiator pressure built up enough to blow the water pump gasket. Not a major fix but not cool to have to do.
Thanks for your responses. All the wires are connected. I'm 99% sure the fan motor is heading south. I'll have to have it checked over in Mo. I'll be thinking about ya.....Steve
You can replace the whole fan unit at any good performance auto speed shop. They generally carry every size.

Did the deal on the trike happen?? I looked for you and the trike Saturday evening when we cruised through the parking area, but did not see ya. We ended up at the Rock again for the street cruise............thought maybe some the outlaws would have made it........

Don't feel bad. Today(5 June 2005) my second fan decided to die. Now I'll learn how to replace it myself this time. I'm getting about 18,000 miles out of each fan.

I check my fan to find out ROAD junk gets in around the center and make it work harder I blew it with the air hose and gave it a shot of lube now it sound better.. GIZMO
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