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Help! Alternator belt #

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I've misplaced the number for the alternator belt on the smallblock BH. I want to take a spare with me to the rally this week. Anybody know the number? TIA!
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Dayco Top Cog #15315

Enjoy the rally! :D
I use the Gates belt sold at NAPA - Premium XL 25-7325. I have a 502 though. Don't know if they are the same or not.

Thanks Guys!! :D
Seems like they are different from bike to bike.
I tried a Dayco Top-Cog 15290 (29" long), and it was too long. The adjusting bolt was all the way up in the notch, and the belt was still too loose and squealed. :|

Then I tried a Dayco Top-Cog 15280 (28" long), and it was too short.
The adjusting bolt was all the way down in the notch, and the belt was way too tight - even after 50 miles of riding. :roll:

@Joe: Now I know what you were talking about when you said it was a pain in the ass to put the belt on...after 1 hour I ended up laying the belt on the pulley and pushing the starter...there was no other way....

I just ordered a #15285 (28,5" long), cause I don't wanna destroy the alternator bearings - the #15285 should fit perfect on my bike.

I think everyone has to try which one fits best for his (individual) bike.

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Loaf - using the starter is the fastest and easiest way to install the belt. That is the method I always use.

Just to top the confusion: on my 2003 502 its a 15330 :roll: Look at your existing belt. It schould have a number on it.
I use the Dayco Topcog #15315 which was the one that came stock on my 2000 small block. It is a bitch to get on, at least for my unmechanical ass and have to do a lot of creative prying every time.
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