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Hello Everyone...

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Hello friends,
I am new to this board, but not new to the Boss Hoss world. I have had my '97 ZZ4 bike for 3 years now, and thanks goes out to many of the people I have saw here (in other forums) for helping me in SO many ways. Lamont is a super nice fellow, and I have been aquainted with him through the BBR forum. I wanted to join in here on this forum, to introduce myself and let you know that anytime you are in east Tennessee, let me know and we will do lunch, dinner, or even better.....we will ride AND eat.. :lol: I love my '97, and have loved it since the first ride, but come Thursday I supposed to have a new 385 HP dlvered, and I can't wait! I feel like a kid at Christmas...I can't rest, can't sleep, can't concentrate on anything...I simply cant wait to get on the new bike Thursday afternoon! I am on 12 hour nights this week, so that is going to give me about 3 hours sleep on Thursday morning after I get off, before I ride to pick up my new bike. I told my wife "I will be tired", but she just laughed and said, "you will be so excited, you might as well get there early, because you won't be able to sleep that morning". She is probably right...Can you tell I am excited?
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Welcome aboard,
I'm also on nights through this weekend, so I kind of understand the tired part.
When I was waiting to get my used bike in 2002, the guy said he could deliver after a certain date, but I got so worked up I couldn't sleep. So with only a week left till he would be able to get away to bring it to New Orleans, I drove up to Nashville to pick it up. Couldn't wait.
Glad you made it here Bro. Can't wait to ride with you on the new bike. Maybe we can hookup in Maggie Valley or somewhere like that. Take care
Hi Mike
I was through your part of the country last month . Tennessee was a beautiful ride. Happy trails buddy.
Did you sell the other Boss? I have a guy that's looking for a deal on one. Let me know.
Lamont, I wish I would have known someone that was looking for a cherry Boss...I would have let mine go right...I traded the '97 in on this new bike...but in case something happens tomorrow to stop the deal with the trade, I will be letting you know. I never count anything as sealed in stone, until the signatures are signed (you know what I mean).
I know what you mean about excited about the new bike...I could hardly sleep today, and I am sure I am going to have a hard time sleeping tomorrow morning when I get off befor I get up at 11am to ride and pick up the new bike. Wish me luck guys! Thanks all, and I can't wait to meet some of you and ride these here Tennessee hills!
Welcome Mike...
I know exactly what you are going through... I sold my kannon last month and ordered an 05 385 hp boss. The waiting thing is tough.... But worth it.
Welcome Mike;
Jack Phillips here. I, as well, understand your duty schedule, and being anxious to get to the new ride. We work 12s as well, 6 days followed by 6 nights. The fellow I bought my 97 Boss from last Apr. was going to meet me half way, him from Ga., and me from central Fl. the morning after my last night shift, but he was kind enough to bring it all the way down! He had spent the night before in Jacksonville Fl., couldn't rest, and did the good deed of the century!
Wish you the best with your new ride. I live about 45 miles south of Daytona and will apply for vacation for the fall bike week. If your there I will prepost my home and cell #'s because I wish to meet you and all the rest of the Boss Hoss. Too many to list have, and still are helping me to repair as necessary, and enjoy the Boss.
Jack Phillips
H: 321-639-3969
C: 321-426-5243
both have voice mail
Hello Jack, and all you other people here. You guys are a wealth of information on the Boss, and I can't wait to meet you all. I picked up my new (it is a 2002, 385 fuel injected bike that has never been titled), and absolutely LOVE it! I got to ride it home, park it in the garage and come to work... :cry: But I am off the next two weeks, after Saturday morning...WATCH OUT ROADS! The 385 is a dream to ride...I love it...can you tell? :lol:
(By the way, I have pics of the new bike, but I haven't had the chance to put in on my website yet. If anyone could post a pic for me here, I will e-mail you the pics...thanks!)
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