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Headlight Connector

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That headlight connector is a NAPA part.

LS 6235 Headlight / Flasher connector

Neil runs a 90/130w bulb with no problems.

I plan to change over soon.

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Headlight connector

Thanks Chris , Neil also answered my question but what is the flasher connector ?

Ya know, Jack, I couldn't tell ya! That was how Neil wrote it to me so maybe that is just what they call it. Ya got me. I wonder if that would be used for the flashing headlights like on emergency vehicles?

Re: Headlight connector

HogV8 said:
Thanks Chris , Neil also answered my question but what is the flasher connector ?
I believe he is talking about the Kisan Headlight Modulator ... I have run them before on other bikes and they do get attention of traffic. Here is a link to manf page:

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Headlight / Flasher Connector

Hey Guys,

The connector from Napa can be used to connect to a Headlight or to a Flasher (The standard little can type flashers we all use). The physical configuration of both devices is the same. Therefore, the Napa connector will work for either.

Headlight modulator, hmmm. Please, nobody take offense at this but when I see them coming at me or in my rear view mirror, I want to get out (or off) and knock the rider off the bike :evil: . Yep, those obnoxious things do indeed let you be seen. For whatever reason they raise my b.p.

On the bike I run a blue halogen. On my trike I have a '57 headlight shroud and a standard auto headlight bulb. Damn thing's kinda yellow and dull. Anyone recommend a good replacement that won't cause me any problem with heat or overload?

Elliot 8) (sunglasses for headlight modulators)
When I had the stock headlight w/sealed beam, I replaced the sealed beam with a Hella unit. It had a 55/60 replaceable Halogen bulb. They come in either 5 1/4, or 7 inch size. I would replace the plug if you still have the stock one. They (the plugs) seem to have a tendency to melt.
Also, I'm another one who doesn't agree with the Headlight Modulators. Around here it usually means, "there's a cop ahead,"
or "I see you, go ahead". To each his own I guess.
My 2 cents :beer2:

Thanks for the headlight recommendation. I'm an idiot with anything electrical and remember there was chatter about over watting and melted components. No disrespect to the factory but with all the bargain basement components I've found on the Boss, I felt the need to ask and proceed with caution :shock: .

The Hella bulbs are glass so melting/discoloring won't be a problem. A lot of the Trilliant (I think they're called) headlights I saw at the BHRA rally were fogged/milky looking. They're the ones with the tri-bar on the lens I think. I don't know if that was from overheating or age. But do replace that plug. Definitely too light for higher wattages. I have since replaced my headlight assy with one from a VTX 1800. It's all plastic, and I'm running a 55/100 halogen. I don't run the high beam for long periods so I can't comment on if it will stand the heat, but so far so good. The beam pattern is excellent though. Low and high beam. Pain in the ass to install, but I like it.
Good luck! :wink:
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