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Headlight adjustment

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Anyone know how high in feet off the ground at a given distance the low beam should adjusted ?
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Jack, I found this on the web about headlight adjustment, hope this helps. Motorcycle Headlight Aiming

Getting a correctly aimed headlight is straightforward. You need to make a couple of measurements and then aim the light at a flat wall, as follows:

With the bike on its wheels and you astride, have a helper measure the distance from the floor to the center of the headlight lens.

Pick a flat wall where you can locate the bike so the headlight is 17 feet from the wall. Place a horizontal mark on the wall two (2) inches lower than the height of the center of the headlight.

The headlight beam (on low beam) should be relatively flat on the top, and may rise rather sharply at the right edge. Adjust the headlight vertically so that the flat top of the beam is just up to that line (marked two inches down at 17 feet).

Horizontal adjustment should center the beam ahead of the line of the bike.

Paul Glaves
Paul is the Technical Editor of the BMW Owners News, the monthly magazine of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. Paul can be contacted at [email protected]

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Thanks Mike , I used to know all that but I think there have been too many years of sex , booze , drugs and rock n roll.
Hey Jack

I've always went with what seems right while riding. After I changed to a Halogen out in Sturgis I had to adjust it. I always go for setting it height wise first, you can tell just by determining where the beams power ends, then down a hair. Side to side, just a red pu__y hair towards the ditch. :lol:
Wag , why a red hair , are they a different gauge than say a black or blond ?
Geez Jack,

I think you have over indulged a lot................red are the finest and most supple of all strands............or was it blond......or maybe auburn.

Oh **** I don't know, that's why every woman needs a high tech shaver :oops:

You should know

Red ones are course, blonde ones are the fine ones. :oops:
You two guys have seen a lot of landing strips , so you must know . What do you collect the clippings and check the dia . with a set of micrometers ?
Mostly check by how they fit through the gaps in your teeth.........'course that has a lot to do with the condition of your teeth :lol:


Ya, that sounds right.
Headlight connector

I don't know it's been a long time since I've done a lot of comparison testing , but one thing I know for sure is the blond ones don't get stuck between my teeth .

Wags really the one with the experience.....kind of a slut, if you know what I mean :D

Me, I'm just a quiet old man who has to rely on the stories of you wild guys married to these young women :roll:

At least I know the aids epidemic is never going to claim me :beer3:

Good for Wag , but I know what you mean about having to be careful nowdays. Sure glad we didn't have to worry about aids when I was out there chaseing p---y . The problem I have is I have 3 sons that are all bachelors and other than racing motorcycles thats all they do is chase p---y. I warn them so many times , they get sick of hearing me . They call me a old worry wort . I'd rather see them get killed raceing than go like that .

Why has no one asked the expert (me) about pubic hair dimensions?
Gynecologist for 30+ years and I'm a Guru with respect to this problem.
Dear Doc Joe

Dear Doc,

Precisely what is the average diameter of a pu__y hair?

What does a red pu__y hair measure?

A blonde one?

A brunette one?

Which is the finest and coarsest?

Which are the most likely to get stuck in your teeth?

How long is the longest one you have seen?

Have you seen any below a tattoo of Willie Nelson or Chris Christopherson?

Can you use the yeast found in this nether region for making beer?

Inquiring minds want to know.
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Christ!....too many questions and if I gave you the answers there would be no more mystery. On the yeast question..of course you can use it to make beer. Try it. Just throw some hops and barley in the old cooker, wait a week or so and get down to it. I promise it'll knock you off your feet.
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