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Header gaskets

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It appears I have a very small leak in my left header gasket and I will be replaceing them . What are the best header gaskets to buy ?
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I used a Fel-Pro # MS 9275B
Don't know if it's the best, but it worked!
Thanks Don , why , did you have qa leaking gasket also ?
Yes. Left side also. Middle two exhaust ports. The new gaskets seem to have done the trick........Don
Don, did you find that you could loosen the headers and move them out far enough to slip the old gaskets out and slip the new ones in or did you take the headers right off ?
The Fel-Pro has worked great for me....24,000 miles/
I removed the header to clean the old gasket material off the head, and the header. Wasn't too hard a job.........Don

When you pull the headers off it is an ideal time to flush out the block and replace the antifreeze. Both of the drain plugs are behind the headers.

Don , I looked at all the Fel - pro header part numbers in both the Summit and Jegs catalogs and I can't find the header part number you gave me . Are you sure about that number ? Also I wonder if I can buy the header gaskets at a local NAPA dealer ?
I sent you two E-mails that should show the gasket. I'll try to attach a link to this message for Summit. Part # is felms9275B
I got mine from a local parts store.

http://store.summitracing.com/default.a ... felms9275B
Header Leaks

You guys are either very timely, or contageous. Thanks. Per your thread, I looked @ mine, and a stinking bolt is missing from the left side header ! I had heard her starting to cackle a bit on trailing throttle, and now know why. Is MBHC the source for these fastners, or is any local speed shop a possible source? Working 6 straight 12s sucks when you need to go shopping!

Jack Phillips
Any good hardware store or tool shop should be able to supply you with stainless replacements. I use Allens which work fine because you don't have to try and slide a socket between the bolt and the header. Just use a dab of anti-sieze and a lock washer and you're set.
Joe :)
Header bolt missing

You all are the best. This is the first American anything I have delt with for years, except for my 93 Dodge Duelley with Cummins, and it never broke (except for one wadded up tail gate). Always wondered why they made the ones with a "V" notch in them! At least the fellow that bought it didn't need one either.
Per the thread, I may go ahead and find those drain plugs, flush and change the coolent to a more familiar flavor. Never seen this color coolent before.
Don, I located the Fel-Pro exhaust gaskets at Advanced Auto and installed them today. All is well again . Thanks, Jack
My Pleasure! :capwin:
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