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Header Bolts et al

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Maybe you guys have already seen these Split Lock bolts. I just found them for the first time. It is the first really innovative solution I have seen for "locking" bolts. It appears to be a really good idea.

Here is the link

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They look great but why do you need them? The stainles Allens I have on now seem to be fine. Don't back out and have been fine for years. Are others finding that they are loosening?
Neil - I've seen these before but hesitate to using them in aluminum. I would think the splitting effect may eventually loosen the threading in softer metal. On a vibrating Harley? great idea!! Give me LOC-TITE anyday, you got the thread lube for accurate torqing and the locking effect all in one. Also reccomended for dis-similar metals. Just my 1/2 cents worth.



I just posted them because they are a brand new design that I really appreciate. They represent a really creative approach to an old problem - bolts that won't stay tight. I just posted them as an alternative for anyone who is interested. They can be used in other applications besides exhaust headers.

Header bolts are notoriously famous for coming loose and allowing exhaust to blow out the gasket.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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