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Harley Dealer Gathering

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God...I love the attention this bike gets. I stopped by a local Harley dealer today with the Boss. There was an "Open house" and about 100 Harley riders were there. Did the crowds gather around the gorgeous Harley customs?...NO! 20 or 30 of them were swirling around the Boss and I answered all the usual questions...weight, horsepower, speed, price and where did you get it, etc., etc.
One guy who weighed about 350+ lbs.(dwarfed his Harley) was so taken with it that he actually asked me if I wanted to sell it. Said he had heard about it but never had actually seen one. Everyone wanted me to start it up and I obliged with the cammed up stroker and got nods of approval. The cam (Comp 432 series) gives it a somewhat rough idle which shakes the bike and lopes beautifully increasing the cool factor.
Was tempted to do a burnout when I left but took off slowly so they could just wonder about it's potential.
Nothing else is like this bike and I love it....Joe
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Ah yes, I love it. I suppose it would be similar to a bunch of Jr. High boys in the locker room admiring their manhood only to be disheartened as John Holmes walks in.
That's funny and true! :D You have more self control then I do though :oops: I was at a Honda Open House this past weekend. They had a PO on the road to stop traffic to let bikes in/out. After sitting in the parking lot and EVERYONE stopping to see the Boss ... well I had no choice but to rip the tire on the way out! I turned south, straightened the bike upright and let her rip :D :D :D smoke everywhere. The wife and a friend were following me out of the lot and were choking on the smoke trail I left :) Kim (my wife) said the cop "did not seem to mind" :eek: I'll just have to be careful next time I'm down Portsmouth ... just in case!
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