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Happy Birthday to You

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Probably won't be up on the site tomorrow, so wanted to say

Happy Birthday

to you now..........Have a great day.......birthday ride if you can :capwin:

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Thanks Bro :D Looks like yours is Monday ;) Happy birthday to you :)
If I would have known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself. ;)

My condolences... ooooops! I mean Happy Birthday bro!!!

I also want to wish you a happy birthday.

BTW the new battery is working great. I went with the 925

Happy B'day Bro's . Great to see you got a chance to ride Lamont. I know you won't be riding Tim. I'm in the same boat you are but maybe worse . About 3 ft. of snow yesterday. You know our in deep s--- when you have to shovel your roof .
Glad you said that Lamont. I was wondering why I saw that message this morning about mine coming up.....didn't realize I had hit the scroll on the mouse when I updated my sheet......moved the date :oops:

Mine is actually the 12th.....at my age, there is no sense in rushing it, even by just 10 days :) But you have a great one.

Jack, not much snow here, you guys got all of that......just the bitter cold. It was -32 this morning when I left the house. I'd rather have the 3' of snow and a little warmer temps. Oh well, don't figure my paint will be back for a couple more weeks, so I'm not even getting into the mood yet.

I have everything planned out that I am going to do to finish it up, so it'll only take a week or so to button it up.

See ya......Tim :beer3:
Happy Birthday Lamont

Glad to see you have been able to ride ... late January and still riding. East TN is looking really good :D

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Tim , this was my year for maintenance. I installed and grooved a new 230 rear tire, repacked the front and rear wheel bearings and new seals and as you know the polished pulley. Replaced with new neck bearings , new radiator fan because the chrome was peeling , replaced any and all # 10 wiring with # 8 wire , new PC680 battery , installed a 80 amp master fuse between the alternator and the starter , new battery disconnect switch, new gauge lens because the old ones were cracked , new hologen running lights on the bottom spoiler and a whole bunch of other **** that nobody will see or care about but me . Another thing I did was I bought a 2004 radiator shroud and had it painted to match the paint job and it looks pretty nice . Got sick of polishing that radiator all the time . Sorry for the ramblin but cabin fever is starting to set in. Time for a cocktail.

Later , Jack

Did you ever get to polish your rear hubs when you changed the pulley??

Man, it sounds like you went through the whole scooter !! All that stuff makes a difference though...that's what keeps 'em reliable.

I know Wag had his valve train off last week and was torquing the head bolts. Said he found a few that were1/2 to 1 full turn loose....kinda scary !

I really need to go through the bike from front to rear and tighten everything and detail the **** out of it. I have a couple of little things to add yet, a sealed battery for sure and some new signals.......I'd really like to change the headlight, but I'm just too cheap to spend $500 on one....I think I might try to get a stock Fatboy on it and add the trim ring like I had on my HD.......

Have a good weekend.............say "HI" to your bride for us........Tim
Happy Birthday Lamont, Wish I could be out on the Hoss but I Have had to settle on just the side hack rig. Hope to put the new seat, windshield and maybe a few other minor things on. I will admit, Its not often I pass another M/C this time of year with all this snow and ice out here.
Tim , what's different about a Fat Boy headlight compared to what we have and what was the trim ring you had. I feel the same way about those custom lights , way too much money .

The Fatboy headlilght is a 7" like ours, but the trim ring fastens at the bottom with a screw into a tab. Ours have the ring secured by the clamp system and they don't make an after market trim ring that extends out beyond the headlight. With the trim ring, it takes the blunt appearance away from the headlight.

I liked the way it looked on my Fatboy, so if I can make the headlight can mounut correctly, I'm going to go that route.

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