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Grumpys Toy

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Tim, I really like the improvements you did to your bike . Nitros and everything. Is Wag going to keep up with you now or will he have to buy a big block. Ha Ha
Keep up?

I had the converter done but none of the other stuff. $$$$$$$
I hear you man. Thats what keeps me on the straight and narrow $$$$$$. I've got almost $ 30,000.00 in my Roadking and I'm not sure how much in my Boss. Oh well , what else can you get as much of a rush out of that's still legal.

Hey Jack,

I thought long and hard about it. Actually only went in for the converter like Wag.
But Vicki actually is the one who convinced me to spend the bucks....like she said, at my age when AM I going to do it???? Damned good woman :lol:

I think Wag has a few tricks up his sleeve that he's not sharing :D I would bet that if I stay out of the 'juice', he'll be kickiing my butt this year...


Only thing I regret is that with the things I did, I lost the ability to run the drag bars like yours. And I think when I see yours in person I'm gonna want them bad :cry: But with the controller and windshield mounts that I had, it would be impractical to change now.

I had to have Marv modify the controller mount as it was, so that I didn't lose the mounts that I had....

Hell, I'm just itching to get out now, but it's snowing like a pig here in the Cities and temps are dropping like a rock. Thinking Barry forgot to shut the door again. :D

You got a new Boss picked out for your bride yet??? I expect it could be an expensive trip to Bike Week this year :wink:

Yes , I think you will like the Drag bars, but your set up sure looks sweet.
I think Cheryl will have to be content riding the Roadking for now. If I had to wrench on two Boss's , Id never get to ride.

That is the beauty of the HDs'.....I figure once I get the rest of Vickis' Deuce done this winter, it will be oil changes and tire checks 8), although I have never had anything on my Boss that left me on the side of the road....yet! I suppose the fuel pump could have, but it managed to limp me home both times it died before I replaced it.

Did you figure out about the rear pulley?? If it is the same, you can have mine N/C.....might even be able to get it on one of our trucks going that way so no freight :) Let me know.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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