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Groovin Tire

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I remember this subject coming up a while back, I think. I had an interesting experience with my rear tire while in Daytona. A buddy happened to notice Sunday evening that my rear tire was coming apart. I looked and couldn't believe my eyes. It looked like it was seperating right down the middle and I could see the cords in the tire. Scared the crap out of me. I happened over the factory rig and Doug took one look at it and knew what the problem was as soon as he saw it. You guessed it. Heavy load, loose springs, big bump...big groove in your rear tire! Lucky for me (I guess) it was time for a new tire anyway but it was a good lesson learned for me. I don't know when that happened but it was either on the way down to Daytona or while I was there the first day.

The guys at Highlander Boss Hoss were great. Wound up getting a new front tire while I was there, too. We put a round screw under the fender instead of a stud sticking down and adjusted my springs up. Mucho better!

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