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Me and a few fellow riders went on a ride from San Diego to the Grand Canyon and beyond. Here are some of the many pictures I took.

Here we are starting at 0-dark-30

As pass through Red Rock

A Quick pass through a busy Sadona

Next was a stop in this little town called Jerome. It is built on the side of a mountain, literally.

Finally we get to our hotel in Flagstaff

And finally the Grand Canyon

From the Grand Canyon we rode up to Page and stayed the night.
Next Stop Marble Canyon, up by Page Arizona

Next we stop at a park called Wupatki, with Pueblo Indians ruins

Next stop was a place called Slide Rock, south of Prescott. When we pulled in a parked, we caught this cute park ranger, writing parking tickets. And as you can see, I think she enjoys it.

When we got back to our bikes, we had an addition, as nice looking Rune

And finally here are some photos of us getting gas.

Here are the guys, holding up that wall in case of an earthquake. We are from California, ya know.

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