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govenator gives seal of approval

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i am in california working again and was at the rock store near mailbu sunday when arnold pulls in for breakfast, he ran right over and asked to set on my hoss and had me explain it all to him and said it was cool. i was told that he never talks to anyone when he comes in and security keeps people away and they were surprised how interested in the bike he was. was cool seeing the gov there. hope you all have a great summer and ride safe, mike// 8)
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Mike, Did he say, "I'll be back! " ?. Yuk Yuk. That would be about the right size bike for that guy!!!!! Steve
That was great.

Thats Neat.....Gray Davis would of never done that. I was at the rock store about 3 months ago,its been about 20 years since I'd been there,hadn't change much,a lot more rice rockets now.

You have all the luck........... :lol: :lol: Is he really as big as the movies :?:

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