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Had a great ride with my wife on her Trike and me on Mine. After a great couple of days of riding to the coast we stayed over night at Fort Brag. Cozaey said it all, when she said, "These Boss Hoss's are like a day at Disneyland doing all "E" rides".
Some folks don't know what an E-ride is but some do and what a blast. Had a flat on the right rear at 80 MPH but got it stopped just fine, Called Larry (Boss Hoss Trike owner), he came right out and zoom we were on the road in 3/4 of an hour.
Did see a bumper sticker that made us laugh for 30 minutes. A California car had (HE IS DRIVING) with an arrow pointing to a round sign that said "Somewhere in a small Village in Texas their idiot is missing".

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