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Getting tired and sick and tired

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As much as I love tinkering on these machines, I am getting very tired of HAVING to. I've had several issues lately and I'm hoping to get this thing settled down.

Today on the way to work, at a stop light, the bike seemed to be in neutral although I had it in first. When I would give it throttle it would jump in gear. It pulls fine and OD works fine. Anybody ever had this problem?
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It sounds like you have some debris in the tranny and it ends up holding one of the valves inside open. On the newer trannies they relocated it so that it can be cleaned without pulling the convertor. My did it once and I called the factory and Nesco and they both told me to let it warm and then take it out and run it hard in first. I did that and have not had the problem again.

Also had to change fluid when doing this to help flush it out.

Good Luck

ps I am not a tranmission person so I really can not tell you which valve.

You're exactly right. I talked to Jim at NESCO and he suspects the same thing. My terminology is off but we discussed the fact that my reverse mechanism had crushed my filter. He said that is probably where I got my debris from. When you rev it up it falls into gear but I'm not sure how good that could be for the tranny.

He said the same thing about running it hard and steady in first to help flush it. He said I would have to pull the converter to get it cleaned. If I pulled the converter, could I clean what needs to be cleaned or does NESCO need to overhaul it.

They charge $800 to rebuild a tranny they haven't had before. He puts the new gear sets I beleive he said in all the rebuilds whic is why it is more expensive now. I am thinking of raising the issue with the dealer and factory in regards to them sending me the wrong filter. The dealer did not know it would not work as he never questioned me about what year the bike was. The factory knows the new filters with the sleeves won't work on the original trannies and so does NESCO.

I may need someone who has pulled the tranny to give me some instructions if they can find the time. I dread that so bad but looks like I may have to pull the tranny anyway. I just hate to spend close to $1000 for a rebuild with shiping and wonder the whole time how long that will last me.

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Speaking of removing trannys...does anybody know if the procedure has been posted anywhere or not. I know I need a lot of jack stands.

Dang Chris!!!.....What's going on with that new Bike?????...Sorry to hear about all the problems. :(

Badger Dave
Hey Dave. Well, if it were new I'd be furious. I've got a 2000 machine and a run of bad luck, that is all. The bike ran perfect for the first 4000 miles. I don't know if my tranny problem is extremely serious or just some debris in there. Either way, it would be silly to remove that tranny to clean it and not have it rebuilt. That is the plan right now. Other than the piddly stuff and things I have changed, it has been good. 9400 miles on the tranny.

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