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Garmin Zumo 550

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My girlfriend is getting me a GPS as a bike-warming gift *she's the best*. So far the frontrunner is the Garmin Zumo 550. Does anyone have experience with the Zumo? I've read the reviews and they have been nothing but positive. I use a Garmin Nuvi 680 in my car and it's great but seems a little 'delicate'. The Zumo specs state that it was built specifically for use on a motorcycle with such things as water resistance for inclement weather and a reduced glare screen for sunny days.

Any feedback or suggestions on alternatives would be greatly appreciated.
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Your girlfriend is getting you a Zumo for the bike? Why haven't you married her yet? ;D

I have the Nuvi 260 in my car. Best money I ever spent. I use it on the bike from time to time but don't have it hard mounted. I stick it in my tank bag under the map flap. Works pretty well. I've owned a Garmin V for a number of years but compared to the new technology it's back in the stone age. Even at that, it will still get me home. I think Garmin is pretty much the standard by which others are measured. I haven't played with the Zumo but if it's anything like the 260 it's well worth the money.
You ought to see me roaming the back roads of NH with my Verizon phone tucked into the strap of my bag that sticks to my gas tank with magnets. The phone has a navigation GPS system and talks me through to my destination. It works for back roads when going slow but I wouldn't recommend it for highway use as the phone may end up in a hundred pieces on the pavement.

I have a Zumo 450 (and a Nuvi 360 for backup - yes, call me paranoid) and they both work excellently. For my money, the 450 is practically the best motorcycle GPS there is, (then again I don't want to listen to music and make phone calls while riding - if you do, you might want the 550).

Best of luck
The 550 is an absolute winner. Go for it.
Morning , I have had a 550 ever sence theycam out , I hAVE over 25000 miles on it A I USE IT IN MY CAr and on a Boss Hoss and a goldwing , never has let me down , and works well , I use the blurtooth with the sterio and phone works great , and yes it is waterproof ! it has gotten pretty wet on some rides no issues ! And being able to shARE ROUTES with other GPS are easy just pop out sd cARD and hand to another
I have been looking at garmins for a while and there are a lot more waterproof ones than just the zumo. I recently went for a oregon 550. Before looking I thought the zumo was the only motorcycle friendly one they made and it was advertized to the tee. They all work. The nuvi 265w is one I have and like also.
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