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I think this is my turn for a silly question....

How do you change/pull your front wheel?

The first time when I pulled my front wheel for changing the
bearings, I noticed that I have to remove the calipers first.
To be able to remove the calipers I had to push the pads
nearly all the way into the calipers.

A couple of days ago I had to remove the front wheel again
for changing the tire (Michelin Commander) and I remembered
a posting from Adrian a while ago. He said don't push the pads in,
cause you'll push the brake fluid back into your master cylinder
and you might destroy it - or open your bleed valves before to
avoid this.

I thought about an easier way to remove the calipers without
opening the bleed valves, and found out that it's very easy to
remove the calipers if I pull the brake pad springs 1/3 way out,
just enough to remove the inner pad on both calipers.

Is it really necessary to remove the calipers, or is there another, easier way to pull the front wheel?


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Pull Front Wheel


I simply pull the pin holding the pads on each side and slide all four pads out. Being careful to place them so you can put them back in the position they were removed from. Remove the two bolts that hold the caliper bracket to the the fork tube on each side and remove the wheel.

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Neil, thanks again for one more fast reply.
Yes, sliding the pads out is what I did last weekend, I just
thought there might be a better/ faster way.

But my dog just found out a faster way to ****. I've been
out in the garage, and connected the hoses for my
selfmade overflow can, which is hidden under the left side
cover. Work was done, and when I came back 30 minutes
ago, I found Ramona and our Gordon Setter sleeping in the
bedroom, while the whole living room was covered with ****. :?
Arrrgnnnn! I love him, but sometimes a dog can be a pain
in the ass.... :lol:

Thanks a lot,
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