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front tires

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I haven`t heard much on front tires lately. I bought a michelin commander for my bike and before mounting it looks WAY narrower than the avon that is on there now. Any heads up or input here would be much appreciated. Also.. those with the michelin... much difference in the handling? I know the tire will look wider once mounted, but the difference is a bunch.
Thanks in advance,
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When I changed from an Avon front to the Michelin, it was smaller. If I'm not mistaken, the front Avons in use are actually rear tires....see if yours has a direction of rotation arrow on it, pointing in the wrong direction, if it does it's a rear.

I think that is the difference in size, my Michelin was at least 1/4" narrower. My Metzler is even narrower yet !!

Anyone ever tried a rear tire other than the Avon on the front ? That's what I like about the Avon 140 which is a rear tire because it is wider than a regular front tire. I know at least on the 2000 and older front fenders there isn't much fender clearance between the 140 Avon and the front fender but if you elongate the fender mounting holes and align the fender properly there will be enough clearance .
the 130 avon I have now says front fitment and the arrow is pointing front. I have a new avon too now..... looks narrower than the michelin. :? Go figure! Now I have a choice.... but which one to mount??? Think My road king uses the same size anyway, but want the best one on the big bike.

I have about 4,000 miles on my Michelin and is no doubt the best tire I have ever had. As for a 140 I ran the Conti (140) tire and it grew at high speeds rubbing a hole in my front fender. It sure smelled bad and I had no idea what the noise was.

I'll never put another Avon on the front of my Boss. The last tire I had was the worst tire I have ever had on a bike. The thing had a shake so bad at 80 to 85 that I thought it was going to break my handlebars. :shock: I put the Commander on and all is well. :D
Avon's work great on my Valk but not on the Boss. I think the Commander handles better too.
Good enough!!! I will put the michelin on my kannon and the avon on the road king. Thanks guys.. You`ve been a big help as always.

I have 2 Harley Dunlop tires and the price is free.
If you want them let me know. I got cought out twice
and had to buy them to get home. One has 250 miles
on it the other 600 miles. I only took them off because
they have Harley on em.

Well thank you Adrian.... I`ll give you a call over the weekend if you are going to be home. You interested in a brand new avon?? price is free.
Before you change from the Avons I suggest you all check out the load ratings on the replacements.
Avon tires

I will never use another Avon. As far as I am concerned they are a piece of ****.
I checked the load ratings of the michelin and the avon.... Both are 805 pounds at 42 psi.
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