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Front Tire Change

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Due to some "slip-sliding-in-the-rain" yesterday, I became acutely aware I need to change my front tire "rickety-tick"!

If that costs me beers, thats fine. If God intended you to drink A beer, he wouldn't have invented cases!

Havn't gotten into the manual yet (8th straight 12 hour night shift in crappy weather) and wonder if there are any particular tricks, cautions, do-dats, don't do dats changing a front wheel on 2003 inverted front forks.

Already have new brake pads to install, and a friend has a "pump" to purge in some new fluid .

I was suprised @ the torque on the rear axel, and wonder if there are any things to be careful of on the front, ie: how do I check wheel bearings, etc.


Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips

[email protected]

C: 321-426-5243
H: 321-639-3969
Both have voice mail.

Keep those numbers handy for bike week, not just for the beers, but I'll help anyone any way I can. Don't have much, but I'll damn well share!
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I had my front tire changed at a shop last spring . About 2500 miles on it. 2002 model. There was no other way to get the axel out without the use of a slide hammer and a heavy weight up against the fork. There is a reaction between the different metals that creates just enough build up to lock that puppy in solid. Put some grease on the shaft. All bikes from the factory should have been greased as far as I am concerned. It may have been an oversight or a little thing that has never been an issue on other bikes, or maybye because the bike was a couple years old when I got it the shaft was taken out and wiped clean. Whatever the reason it needs grease.

Bill...I don't get that one. the axle articulates against nothing but the bearings and a light coating of grease should be put on it not for removal but to protect fron rust...Joe
front tire

i change mine just like my harleys tie off the calibers to the crash bar place a tapper pin in the axle lossen the nut use the pin to tap out the axle then jack up the bike and roll out the tire tie up the speedometer cable. new tire ; balance grease the bearing and speedo roll under the fender lower jack part way push the axle thur aline the speedo tang into the slot in rotor torque nut replace pads and calibers pump front brake let the jack down beer time check air pressure beer time good luck GIZMO
Front Tire

Thanks Guys,

I ran out of time and had a new tire installed @ Daytona Boss Hoss @ the airport.

2 very competant mechs jumped it and did a very good job. They were even kind enough to entertain "20 questions" and patient enough to make sure I understood the answers. Job well done!

Ride Safe

Jack Phillips

It was the bearings that the axle caught up on. There was a thin oxidization coating between the axle and the inner race of the bearing that locked it on solid to the inner race. There was no way the axle would move horizontally. Tapping on the thread side would not budge it. Not even beating the **** out of it with brass hammer. Finally had to put a slide hammer on with a vicegrip and pull it out at the same time as tapping it out. had a heavy
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