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My mechanic finally got the right upper mount to fit after beating and grinding. He also fabricated a battery box onto the side of which the Holley Red fuel pump will mount nicely above the belt. pulley.
One bummer..Because the new steering neck is so much taller the position of the lower triple tree is much lower. The previous tree left the chrome on the upper fork tubes marred with a thin etching that goes all the way around the legs on both sides about an inch above the lower tree where the top of the previous tree was..... Will not buff out. The idea of going for two new tubes is not palatable and probably very expensive. I called Jeff Hemperly to ask him to make a polished set of stainless tubes to slide over the legs between the two trees.
any other ideas? Is there anything that will take scratches out of chrome without dulling and scratching it more...Joe

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zenbiker said:
All....I was thinking I could just replace the upper tubes on my late model forks. What's the disassemble like? Ahyone here been there?

I had Cozaey's 03 all apart and was not that bad of a deal. You will need a custom wrench to take them apart so I made one. You can use mine if you get down to it.

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