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Fork Leaking at weld

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I have a new problem with my 2000 Boss Front end and was wondering
what to do with it. Problem is one if the legs is leaking fork oil at the top
weld on the bracket for the caliper. I have been looking for some time to
find it and finally I nailed it down. I took some J B weld and patched the
weld but didn't help. I don't want to spend the money for the new type of
forks because mine still ride great but not sure what to do.

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Yo Adrian!

I have used JB Weld to patch up my oil pan on my Charger and it has been holding up for about 12 years now.

You should probably drain the forks first. Clean ALL of the oil residue off of it. You have to rough it up a bit with some sand paper. Then put the JB Weld on and it should hold.

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