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Some of you guys may recall, I bought a new 04 SB385 from Barry which I got in January. The weather is starting to warm up and the snow is virtually gone. I've had it out a few times already and have about 400 miles on it now. Man, what a bike! I've owned a few hot bikes and cars in the past but nothing like this. I've still got a few minor bugs to deal with but I'll get those when I do the big 500 mile service. I'm going to invent something this summer(not sure what yet) to help the engine temp stay up on the cold days. As you can see from my avatar I have some cardboard in front of the rad to block the wind and it works somewhat, but in this weather I can only get it up to about 155 degrees on the highway. Around town is no problem. As far as keeping me warm, I have an electric vest and one of Barry's batwing fairings. Between those 2 things it's pretty good. We don't get a lot of snow up here and believe it or not we can ride about 9 or 10 months a year.
I sure like this forum. As a rookie B.H. owner, I've learned a lot from you guys and know where I can go when I have a problem. Excellent job Lamont and thanks for putting up my avatar!
Looking forward to the east coast and Sturgis and of course meeting a few of you guys.
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One thing I've found with mine, EVERY time I ride it, it's just like the first time. I still get the same rush and grin at 6000+ miles as I did with 6 miles.

Now that it is back together and the temps are rising, it is killing me to have to be sitting in an office when I should be riding it :lol:

Hopefully we'll run into you in Sturgis....we're there for 9 days every year, so we're bound to see ya downtown.........

Have a ball :D

What we need for cool weather riding is some kind of a louvered cover for each side of the fan similar to what Joe R. has on his Boss buy have it made so louvers can be adjusted open or closed by hand or by some kind of a lever or cable like a window blind. Get right on that will you Tim .
Welcome to the wonderful world of Boss Hoss, Bryan! Now, you too are one of the truly sick! Have a ball! :capwin: :cop2: :biker:
Bossman, It could be a mental disorder, but I don't think so. My friends think I'm nuts though. I guess that's a mental disorder as well.

About my invention for the engine running cold, I won't say much yet. I want to talk to a friend of mine who is an engineer and see what he thinks first. I know exactly what I want to do, but I need to do a little research to figure out what it will cost. It may be cheaper to stay with the cardboard. I'll keep you all tuned in.
I also use the cardboard (painted black, of course) and it works pretty good. If it's too cold for the cardboard, it's too cold for me too! Ha Ha! We'll all be waiting to see what you come up with....that's for sure! :D
I suppose I could paint the cardboard black for now, just to cover up the "Kraft Peanut Butter" logo on the other side. Good thinkin'.
By the way, I forgot to mention...... Great Paint!!
Boss Man, what paint? I haven't painted the cardboard yet. Oh, you mean the flames! Yeah, I like it too. The painters in Drayton Valley did a nice job, especially for their first attempt at the flames. They have about 80 man hours in it and there are actually 8 different colours in the fire. A buddy of mine (Harley rider) says that the B.H. is the only bike in the road that "commands" flames. I think he's right. :D
:D Bryan, What a beautiful bike, I know you are getting a little woody every time ya ride it. I can't stay off mine. It sounds a little sick...but I sit on mine all the time in the garage cause the snow makes it hard to ride..LOL.....Sounds like your winters are better than ours in Wis and Min. Maybe I should move up there....Hope to meet up with ya at Sturgis or the Rally at Tan Tar A... Yahoooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Ride'm Steve :cop2:
Bryan, welcome the maniacs. The grin on the face taking the Boss out is priceless. :lol: How about using plexiglas instead of the cardboard ? No paint, dont see; just an idea.
Great looking bike Bryan
That is great you have been out riding already - I was surprised to hear/see your weather is that "mild"! Sounds like you are already hooked ... it doesn't take much eh :D I was hooked from a demo ride!
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Great looking bike. Glad you found your way here. :D
Temperature control invention

I posted a while back that I was working on a way to keep the engine temperature constant and up where it belongs on the Boss. I was playing with the idea of an electronic control that would vary the speed of the electric motor that drives the water pump. To get somebody to engineer it and build it would cost thousands, so I aborted the idea. I have since installed a 180 thermostat with four 1/4" holes drilled in it. It works better than without one, but I still think I'll install one with only 2 holes and at 192 degrees. If it's too hot then I'll go back to a 180 with 2 holes and be happy with it.

Bryan Ward
Boss NewBy's

I'm rather a "NewBy" to the Boss Hoss myself. So far I have been about as impressed with the Boss Hoss community as with the machine itself. Thanks to all. Those that I have not had the pleasure of corresponding with yet have been helpful through this forum. There have been already been lots of very helpful and knowledgable owners and support people who have been extremely helpful to me.
Even though I purchased a used machine, the factory and Mountain Boss (who built it) have bent over backwards to answer my needs, better than some business' I've purchased new machines from.
I did recently figure out the easiest way to learn how to "modulate" the clutch. I have riden in some very heavy rain here in Central Fl, and to and from J'Ville last week. More fun than a box of puppies. Thanks again to all.
Jack Phillips
Welcome Hawk. :D I had to buy a used one too but now I have enough in to this one that I might have been better off buying new. ;) Your right about Mountain Boss Hoss, they are the best :lol:

Naw, even when you buy new you can't stop shopping.......that was my thought ...........buy new and not add so much stuff.......right !! :oops:

But damned it's so much fun.......for me it was just a case of getting Vicki her own and shoveling scoops of $$$ into it too so she didn't feel left out :lol: Best of both worlds, I got a Boss and I get to redo a Deuce too..............

I think you are playing with dynamite if you start trying to slow the water pump . When we discussed this a couple of years ago or so , someone warned of creating hot spots in the engine and causing harm . I think if you want your coolant to run a little hotter , restricting air flow thru the radiator is the way to go . Also Jabasco says under no circumstance should you restrict the water flow to their pumps so I don't think the themostat is a good idea either .
I've been running a mesh screen on both sides of my radiator like you are discribeing for 4 years now and your right about that , it saves a lot of wear and tear on the radiator fins and I think it looks great .
Jack, I had a chat with Rad at the factory about installing a thermostat with some holes in it. His reply was that he could not see any harm in it. I hope he is right. Does the pump manufacturer have any specs or literature that you know of, or an email address where we can get it right from the horses mouth? I don't want to destroy the pump.
Jack, one more thing to add. By installing a thermostat, would I not be restricting flow FROM the pump, not TO the pump? I can understand starving the pump would cause damage. Installing a thermostat would create some pressure on the delivery side of the pump. I wonder how much damage that would cause. What are your thoughts?
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