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Fan Switch

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Is the 200/190 fan swtch a problem? I can bypass the relay and bring the on/ off to 195/180 again by bypassing the relay. Read my post above and tell me what you think....Joe
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Can you repost the message ? Yahoo will not let me see it.

Here ya go Deuce...

Leaving the debate aside about whether or not higher engine temps
make your legs hotter or keep them cooler, is there any problem with
running at 190-200 degrees for the motor? Since I installed a relay
between the wiring harness and my FS-120 fan switch it turns on
later at about 200 degrees and shuts off at 190. Since most auto
engines (which we have) run in this range, is there any problem with
this? I, personally, don't think so but would like suggestions as to
whether or not I should bypass the relay and go back to the 195/180
condition. I'm not talking comfort or feelings about whether or not
I'll feel more heat but whether I'm hurting the motor. My very well
seasoned race mechanic says that range is beautiful and is probably
better for engine wear, longevity and performance but I'd also like
to hear the opinions of the really seasoned motorheads out there.
Why don't we get our motors in our cars to run cooler as so many of
us try to get lower engine temps in our bikes? It's a simple thing
to change but I'm not sure I should.
It's my understanding that the newer oils are formulated to work
best at 200+ degrees...especially the synthetics which I use always.
What do you all think?...Joe

190/200 temps will not hurt a thing.
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Like you said, most of these engines are designed to run in the 190 to 210 range. Unless you're running NOS, I can't see why it would hurt them to run up there.

The switch I put in last year is about 190+ on and 180 off........think mine ran better with that temp range.

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