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Extream lids by K&N ---HELP

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hey guys, can I install this lid (upside down) with out making the air cleaner any taller? My Tank has been lowered and is actually sitting on the air cleaner now. I Have ZERO room for anything else but need more flow.
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Hi Rick ,

I know you can use the cover upside down but I don't think that will make it any lower at the outside edge . You may have to go to a shorter main filter . Don't know which filter you are using but the one I use is K+N 2500 which is 2 9/16" high along with the extream cover and the tank tunnel just hits the outside of the cover towards the rear. Of course my Boss is a 2000 ZZ4.

Jack's right. The 2500 is the tallest main filter you can use with the X-treme lid and it still contacts the tank a tad on both sides but not heavily. Some have ground the edges on both sides to obviate the problem. The height is not usually the problem in the center but at the edges so I don't think inverting the lid will help either...Joe
Rick...why not raise the tank a fraction (like 1/4") and be done with it. You may notice the difference but no one else will...Joe
If your filter touches the tank now, the X-treme lid won't fit. Its sides are about 1/2" or so tall. makes no diff right side up, or upside down. You'd have to raise the tank to use it

Boss Man said:
If your filter touches the tank now, the X-treme lid won't fit. Its sides are about 1/2" or so tall. makes no diff right side up, or upside down. You'd have to raise the tank to use it
Thanks Don, thats what I needed to know. I had to go to a shorter K&N just to get the nitrous plate under there.

Wonder if I could drill some holes in my top and cover them with filter material. I'll have to think some more about that :roll:

If you look at the website fo Chopper City, he makes a "high performance" lid. Very low and oblong. I think a guy could make a huge improvement by drilling a large number of hole on the stock lid and using a piece of filter material.

But Don is right, I run my lid upside down to use the same short center stud, but it was a lot thicker. I moved my tank up by mounting directly into the frame rails....also had to move it back 1/2" to clear the controller for the NOS.

I wish I had studied this issue a bit longer before I ordered. I just got the E-2500 and the Extreme Lid today and was pumped about the install. Did the trimming on the lid and...the assembly is too tall!!!!! :x

I will have to use a shorter filter. I am probably going to use the E-2540 which is 3/8" shorter and flows 49.73cfm less than the taller element.

I am going to try and trim the bottom of my base plate as low as I can while still clearing the accel pump arm and see if this gives me enough room. I don't think it will.

Lastly, the base plate I have now for my stock filter is a little to small for the E-2500 to fit into. Do you think if the filter sat on top of the flange as opposed to inside of it I could tighten it down enough to get a seal and keep the dirt out?

If not then I will have to go with a paper filter till after bike week .

Chris ,
The 2500 with the extream cover is the max. height that will work on a small block but obviously is too high for your big block . A lot depends on how the rear of your tank is mounted , under the frame , thru the frame or over the frame . Maybe if you raise the front of your tank some it will work . Also by compressing the sides of the filter , it will fit and conform to the stock filter base . Once you force the filter into the base plate , it will take that shape and stay that size . I had to do this to mine also and now it fits perfect because it has taken on a slight taper and stays that way .

I have the "eggshape" filter from Chopper City. Now I am using only the base. Bought a K&N E-2620 and a 14" xstream.
With a bandsaw (to cut the xstream to shape), grinder (sand down the rubber of the E-2620 to make it lower), some Silcone (to glue all parts together) and some patience :twisted: , I have "build" a pretty good size airfilter. Had to raise the tank at the bottom about 1/4" above the seatpan, but that increases airflow even more.

Sounds like a good plan. I raised my tank last year when installing the NOS plate.......about 1/4" higher........went from using the clamp/bands which ended up below the frame rails to mounted the rear in the frame and the front redrilled up about 1/4".......and like you said, it does move more air through the "tunnel".

I am still using the paper bottom filter but the Xtreme lid on top.....need to get the 2500 for the bottom now......

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