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Engine Is On Truck Back From Shafiroff

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AHHHH--only a few days to go until the "Beast" is back running! Beer and .5 mile burnouts can be hard on the engine when you spin it at 8k! Now I have a rev limiter that will be set at 6400 per Vinnie the driver of Scotts race car. Nothing like being stupid will teach you an expensive lesson! :evil:

FWIW Scott made me a real good deal on the labor--cut it about 70% :beer3: --guess he felt sorry for me but with new the new parts including 1 piston, springs, a couple of valves and other stuff (damage was the top half only) I will be back on the road in about a week after TBH gets finished putting it back together! :D
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Keep us posted, and we need some video of these burnouts. :D :D
You mentioned in another post your back on the road. Well how are the burnouts with the new rev limiter?
AHHHHH Very nice---the limiter on the MSD box is great!!!! Well the MSD is great--BIG seat of the pants improvement over the stock unit. One of the better mods I have made. Revs much quicker from idle and runs much better at cold start up. Finally I have everything except for the tire under control. The tire I am afraid will be a never ending quest but I continue and will prevail!

Am just glad to be back ripping pavement again!!!!!!!!!! :cop2:
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