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Eliott and Kannon

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Hey Eliott...
Question from the other board..... What is the status of Kannon cycles? Are they still doing business and did the incident in daytona hurt them at all?
And by the way... How goes the chopper project? Did they put a gas gauge on them? One thing I really missed having on my kannon. Got NOS yet???? :cop2:
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Hi Tom,

The deal at Kannon as best as I know it...yes, they are still making bikes. There are seperate companies there however. One is Kannon Motorcycles the other Kannon Motorsports, L.L.C.

Kannon Motorcycles is still making the Boss Hoss style cruiser bikes. Lots of choices by the way as far as powerplant and customization. I understand their 2 speed is about ready and supposedly much more rugged than the Nesco. I can't attest to that personally, just their spin. I can tell you that their single speed is awesome as you already know. There's the capability of bringing the 90 degree drive shaft out either or BOTH sides. Technically, you can use a dbl belt or chain setup. We're considering such on the choppers although currently it's coming out the left side and using a chain drive. The rear sprocket doubles as a sprocket and disc rotor. Really sweet so far.

The choppers were Kannon Motorsports. Totally seperate company and different principals involved. Not sure how that's going to unfold with possible pending action as a result of that bad crash in Daytona. That was the #1 of the 3 choppers. Gary and I have the other 2 and a frame and tranny that was to be #4.

The only gauges on the choppers (so far) are a liquid filled oil pressure gauge right off the left rear section of the motor and slightly in front of the seat and a very small speedo/odometer up by the front wheel. No other instrumentation. Brakes on the handlebars only with nothing but pegs for the feet. Shifter is a suicide style coming up on the left side. After starting, push it forward into gear and you're done. We just rigged nice electric micro switches for a neutral safety system. Can only start in neutral now. Also have a much better throttle return and a ignition kill switch.

The ride is fantastic. In spite of the rigid frame hardtail, exceptionally smooth and well balanced unless you're on a bumpy road. Anyone who's driven hardtails knows that story. 45 degree rake and exceptional front forks with a perfectly designed trail. The bike handles like a dream. Much easier than the smallblock Hoss mostly due to the rake and very low seating position. You can let your hands go at 20 or 70 mph and it tracks perfectly.

I'm not sure what the company is going to do as far as future production. 2 friends are already in line having their choppers made. We are probably going to sell the red one Gary has, keep mine, and put together a new one for Gary with the tranny and frame we have.

I look at all the $50k-$80k Bourgets and other expensive custom choppers out there and snicker. In spite of nice paint and chrome, to me they're crap as they're missing 6 cylinders. I don't care what you do to a 114 or 120 c.i. S&S motor. It's still a frickin' 30's technology 2 jugger. The damn frames on those bikes look empty when compared with our V8's filling the space. Gary's is going to have a $42k pricetag and makes the ones twice that price look bad.

Working on them has been a dream. Small Excel distrib. and Demon carb fully able to get to without removing the tank. We had the carb apart and rejetted the other day in 10 minutes. Really enjoying that a bunch. You're question about nitrous is kinda funny Tom. I ordered a kit from Jegs today. Should be a 30 minute install with the tank left intact. Will still have 3-4 inches between the Holley air cleaner and tank bottom and all the nitrous lines and solenoids will be visible. Hot damn!

Best regards,

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el - you biker trash!!! show us some pictures bro!! can't wait to see that chopper.. I'd love to have one of those in my stable someday..

Ed, I resemble that remark. I'll send you some pics after I'm done doing some wrenching later tonight. I still haven't paid attn enough to know how to post them on this site. More later bro'...

From the way you put it I take it Kannon is developing their own 2 speed? Last I heard they were going to use Vic`s VR2 tranny. I caan attest to the quality of the single speed though.. The gearing is perfect. I have seen the brighter side of 160 with mine. I don`t know about putting a belt drive on the kannon though... At least not with one of their swing arm bikes. The pivot point on the swing arm is not on center with the trans output shaft. I think it would break a belt when you hit a hard bump. The chain allows for the difference in geometry with the slack in the chain. They did have it together though as far as their design allowing for a dual drive system. Very well thought out tranny. The fact that all the internal drive components are ford C4 makes parts readily available too.
Sounds like you have the v8 chopper business well in hand.. Can`t wait to see what your bike looks like when you get it done. Sounds like one bad ass scooter.
One other thing I might mention here that came up on the other board.... Make sure your reserve petcock works.... Mine would drain the reserve when turned to the on position.. The holes inside are so close together it will allow reserve fuel to drain into the lower tank when sitting. I took mine apart and filed the stop so the lever went over a little farther... Just a thought...
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Send me an email so I can autoload your address. Will send you some pics in return.

[email protected]
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