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Electric Fan

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Anybody ever seen a Boss with a black fan as opposed to the chrome? I am upgrading my fan and I am considering a black one. The one I have has several areas where the chrome has come off so I figure a solid black might not look so bad. Couldn't look much worse than a half chrome half black! I'd love to see a pic if anybody is using one.

My 502 was one of the early models that came with the same size fan and rad as the small block.

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Chris, I sent you a picture of mine to your email.

Chris - my bike is a 2000 and it came with the black fan. I was thinking about a chrome one but I saw too many chrome fans with the exact same problem as yours with the chrome peeling. I just bought black aluminum grill material from Eastwood company which I am going to cut and fit between the outside edge of the fan and radiator. This will make the whole front of the radiator black and get rid of the crappy aluminum fins. Doc Joe had a very nice set of louvers made for his that also look great. Better in person then the pictures.
There are many manufactures that sell a black electric fan. They are not expensive.
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