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Drag Races...mpegs available

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I've already sent out some mpegs along with a narrative about our Wed night at the track last night. I have about 10 mpegs I'll be glad to send anyone via email if you want to look at some video. Quality isn't that great but the burnouts are. You've got to be willing to see a 'Busa spank a Boss pretty convincingly 'cause that's what happened.

Short version is Gary's souped up smallblock went against a Ninja a few runs and a Hayabusa about 4 runs. For those unfamiliar, Gary's smallblock has high compression forged pistons, a monster Crane roller cam and roller rockers, a high stall (3,500 rpm) converter, a brake lock for launch, a 275x15 super sticky track tire, and a very capable pilot.

Gary's best was a couple of 6.40's @ 117 +/- mph. Couldn't come close to launch like the Jap bikes. The 'Busa's best was a 6.02 @ 124 mph. Consistent until a real big rider took over and then the times went up to the mid (6.4 -6.7) ET. The Ninja was a 600 cc model and had an air shifter, extended swingarm and computer module and ran consistent 6.7's. Gotta remember here.... a 600 cc bike. If it had been a 1200 cc ZX12R Ninja, it would have been a total blowout.

Anyhow, the guys with the Jap bikes were really good guys and real interested in the Boss. Didn't give us any lip. Said they thought those times Gary ran were incredible considering the Boss weighs as much and more than 2 Jap bikes.

If anyone wants some mpegs, send me an email of your email address and I'll send them.

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Oops, forgot to add Gary's 150 hp shot of nitrous to the features list.

I'll take a peek at those mpegs if you if you will send them.

[email protected]


El aka "Speed" - Those busa's and Ninja's are absolute lighting. I won't even mess with those guys because the tail between the legs hurts!!! been there and done that!! I got dusted by a friend on an older worked 1000cc Kaw, from out of the hole and a 40 mph punch, big time. Your new ride has the busa motor? Just another bike I have to add to my do not "*" with list...

I have all the respect for you and the So Florida guys. Beyond a shadow of a doubt you have more track time logged then any Boss ride including Marv.
Seeing the Mpeg just puts things into perspective and reality.

A very good friend of mine said it better than I can put it...

"The perception is that a Boss Hoss with a V8 between your legs is only for REAL MEN and just has to be, the fastest motorcycle on earth." The essence of that statement is the word "perception".

He then questioned me asking if I want to be the one to spread the "reality of this situation" which could do dastardly things for the resale of the Boss and the aura it has amongst the worshipers. I don't want to pee on anyone's Cornflakes but as my friend emphasized, some folks have perception and reality confused. Possibly a hard pill to swallow.

That is hitting the nail on the head in my humble opinion. I was certainly under the same impression when I looked at and subsequently bought the Boss. It was a bit of a burst bubble but I've gotten over that. I love the damn thing in spite of it breaking, handling like crap, costing lots of money, and getting spanked occasionally by a damn Jap bike costing a third of the money. Just sumptin' (like a V8 motor) about the Boss that makes it my favorite ride now and since I've been 2 wheeling.

The Jap bike guys for the most part really admire and enjoy the Boss and they too would have one if they had the bucks and the balls. All I hear at the track from those guys is praise and admiration. They understand perhaps better than a lot of BH owners what a feat it is pushing a half ton down the track at under 7 seconds whether they're a few bike lengths in front or not.

In conclusion, they are faster on an overall basis but the chicks with big knockers are looking at us and a ratty Boss looks cooler than most fancy Jap bikes.

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AWESOME videos :D Thanks for sending them out Elliot ... I keep playing them over and over :D Be sure to tell Gary he has a FAST ride and those times/speeds he turned are EXCELLENT for a 1,000# motorcycle. Man - one night at the track and I bet the rear tire is ready for a change! Great burnouts!
Elliot, I'd like to see the video also if I'm not on your **** list . When I first bought my Boss , a friend of mine with a 113 C.I. EVO stroker Harley told me he raced a ZZ4 Boss Hoss once and beat it. I told him he was full of s--- . We never did race, but I know for sure he turns in the low 11's at a local 1/4 mile drag strip . I've got a pretty quick 96" EVO stroker and even though I know it's fast it doesn't feel anything like My Boss when the secondaries open up but now I'm thinking, maybe he did beat a Boss with that 113 " stroker.

My email adress is [email protected]
Hey Speed - exactly why I tell the Queen I got to have at least 4 to 5 bikes in my garage, so far she still believes me. hee hee
Jack, you'd have to kick me in the nuts way harder than saying you don't like my riceburner. You ain't even close to the "almost" ****list.

I remember when I first raced a nitrous Titan down 41 one night on the 502. He came off the light like a slingshot and was 6-7 bikes on me before I was hooked up and catching him. Then to add insult to injury, he told me he hadn't juiced it. Not sure which S&S motor he had but it didn't matter. I was in shock.

Gonna get a few quickie mpegs to you right now and then I gotta run. Will get the rest out later for sure. Best regards,

Thanks Elliot , not looking forward to seeing a Boss get spanked but love seeing and hearing them trying not to .
I know one thing El, if some rice burner beat me as bad as it looks in the videos I would either fix my Boss to be able to beat the turkey (like a big swing arm and 12" slick, blown big block) or I would get a Busa and spend the required $5 to 10,000 bucks it took to kick there ass, or I would stay at home. I'm sure glad I don't live in your world.
Jack you could blow the pegs off your buddies stoker any day of the week.
For every second you spin, you are spotting your competition 100 feet. Pull in beside his great crotch crap and see who looks at his toy or your Boss.

I can tell by the seat of the pants ecceleration of my stock ZZ4 that I could beat any Harley I've ever riden , you know how it feels , it's incredible but like you say , you got to get it to hook up or you are done for. I've never ridden a crotch rocket , but apparently they don't spin much coming out of the hole?
Any chance I can get you to send me those? Sounds like some must see video. I wonder if it would have been closer if they ran the quarter mile?

[email protected]

Hope to see you, and others, at Daytona.

Bill Taylor
On a Boss the swingarm mod is just the oposite, you shorten the arm to move the weight over the rear tire. Take a close look at Marvs' two modified bikes. The one is really short, and I've talked to guys who have seen him pull the front tire on it.....I think that would be called traction......

I notice on his site, the shortened swing arms are for sale......have you tried that Elliot?????

Adrian....Gary's consistent 6.4's ain't shabby. We've seen most stock ZZ4's do low 7's on THIS track. Keep in mind which cars are doing mid to low 6's. They're highly modified big and smallblocks, nitrous or supercharged, modified tranny and rearend. Most come on or in trailers to the track. Haven't seen any streetables doing those numbers and Gary's and my mph are usually around 120. That's pretty kickass 1/8th mile figures. Any other modification to our bikes will really degrade streetability. It's bad enough with the 275 car (track) tire. Have to keep in mind we also use these same machines to take the girls out to dinner, cruise the beaches, go 500 miles in a day to the Keys, and ride the mountains of NC. That in my book is one of the coolest aspects of the Boss. The only modification to the Jap bikes we're running like the 'Busa as an example, they have an adjustable swingarm that enables them to go an addt'l 4"-6"-8" depending on what they want and the rider's weight. It's adjustable in about 5 minutes and makes a huge difference. The same bike that would go airborne with one setting will totally stay down with an adjustment rearward. Nice feature. The only other thing some of them have done is regarding the computer to change redline and an airshifter. Those buggers are just fast as hell right out of the box. Lastly, although you and I wouldn't give most of the riceburners a 2nd look parked next to a V8 bike, you'd be amazed how the younger generation views things through a different set of eyeballs. I've often seen it go the other way around where they view the Jap bike in high regard and look at the Boss or other big cruiser type as an aberation. In spite of us looking and feeling good for ol' fellers, we ain't exactly the Pepsi generation. I've also viewed those nitrous Mitsubishis, Honda's, Acuras, etc. with distaste but the young pups look at Camaros, Streetrods, and a lot of all American hotrods as junk. Did I mention we're getting old? Your remark about a second of spin and 100'....we've been living that problem regularly. That is THE problem.

Jack...the crotch rockets CAN spin but it takes bad driving. Same with them wheelstanding. Just for grins, you should test ride a ZX12R at the Kawasaki exhibit in Daytona or a local dealer. Even the new Suzuki 1000 will have you grinning and I promise I won't be there to take your picture.

Bill.....mpegs coming.

Tim..... I like a lot of what Marv has done although some of it I feel hasn't had enough research or test time to make me feel confident. A shortened swingarm could have many different consequences. I'm sure some good and some bad. There's a few of Chopper City's products that we haven't had the best of luck with while others have been great. Best would be Marv visiting us down here during one of his Daytona trips and seeing how things went head-to-head. I've got bunches of respect for him and having a bunch of us going at it would be quite a hoot. I've extended the invite a number of times but realize we're kinda at the end of the world for a Minnesota guy.

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I would like those mpegs.

Please send to [email protected]

hossman @ twcny.rr.com
Thanks for all the nice emails guys. Glad to share the pics with you. The quality ain't that good but the camera fits in my pocket soooo....

I'll post an invite for more as they become available. We're at the track almost every week and will get some of Marco Mike on his 540 with heads, nitrous, drag slick, Demon etc, Charlie with the 540 stroker, a few stock ZZ4's, and of course Gary. I'm definitely gonna make some passes on the FJR although it's not in the same league as the 'Busa or ZX12 with my fat carcass in the saddle. Weight makes a huge difference on the Jap rides.

We have a really great time win or lose. Almost all the guys we've met with other bikes at the track are really good chaps and we all enjoy the comraderie of enjoying hauling ass whether 2, 3 or 4 wheels.

Again, anyone wanting to take a sidetrip from Daytona and who can make it down, get in touch and we'll see about hooking up. Regards,

Elliot 8)
mpegs please

El, I would also like those mpegs, if not a hassle. Thanks. I must say I agree with you on your postings, not alot of people have that kind of "track" experience like you guys. So they usually talk from their perception and not reality or experience. I live in the rice burner world, and have one,( FJ1200 a little tricked), and ride almost every day, both rice burners and Bosses. Right now Im riding a ZZ4 with a cam and fast burn heads, but sitting on a single speed clutch mission. And its just like you said, all the difference is in, I ride to the strip, show, event and every body else pulls theirs. And when its over and every body is going home, including that group of 20 plus Busa riders, I pass them on the highway and laugh. It only counts on the track, I ride on the road, its not how fast is your ride out here, its more like how fast are you willing to go. When my meter is toped out at 220 kph, and Im looking at the Busa and he is allready floating and bouncin around, then I hit it and laugh, and he hits it and catches me, and I keep twisting and they fall behind. I regularly top my rice burners meter at 270 kph, and know what it feels likes, and go much faster on the Boss. And when I stop at the service area, have to cause I just drank my whole tank of gas, they pull in and the questions start. Any way the bottom line is in the last 1 minute of the day for me, not the 10 plus seconds on the track, but thae last minute. When the lights off my eyes are closed, and its me and him. I ride my Boss thanks, they can keep their track tickets and Ill have my last minute.
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"When my meter is topped out at 220 kph, and I'm looking at the 'Busa and he is already floating and bouncin around, then I hit it and laugh and he hits it and catches me, and I keep twisting and they fall behind. I regularly top my rice burners meter at 270 kph, and know what it feels like, and go much faster on the Boss."

Man, I got some questions here :?: . First, what is the conversion from KPH to MPH? 270 KPH and you go much faster on a single speed Boss? Isn't that like 150 mph? Different gearing? Also, I heard that a stock 'Busa was good for 186 mph. We've had the Bosses to 160 mph but ran out of balls (ours, not the bike) :oops: . You guys are also obviously on a 1/4 mile track. Anxious to hear some details. I would think a modified FJ1200 would spank a smallblock Boss in spite of the cam and heads. Details. DETAILS! :shock:

Flip me an email to me email address along with your type of connection. I've overloaded a few of the guy's servers by sending too many mpegs at once.

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Boss Hoss Japan,

Paul??? Right???

That was poetic. You should send in some articles to a couple of motorcycle magazines. You have the touch. I like that last minute of the day idea.

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