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Drag Race Editorial...

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I've sent out a bunch of mpegs again today from last night at the track. Got a number of replies saying they enjoyed but a few comments included that I wanted to explain.

I included a number of mpegs of my new FJR. That has not replaced my Boss. Just an additional bike primarily for use in the NC mountains when I'm there. It's a Sport/Tour bike with saddlebags and a badass 'Busa type motor. I've kinda got a kick out of it's performance (a deciding factor in my purchase decision) and it's funky look. Last night it was able to run some pretty respectable times, some of which were better than some of the Bosses, some not. Just funny looking seeing an ugly Jap bagger go like hell.

It is absolutely NOT my intent to try and make this bike better than it is, make the Boss worse, say one is better than the other, suggest the Boss is anything other than the awesome machine it is. I am as proud of my Boss as you are of yours and still consider it the number one horse in the stable.

I love racing, fast bikes, fast cars, boats, airplanes, etc. I like fast. I know a number of you do. That's what the track and the videos are all about. I enjoy the company of the Ford and Chrysler guys at the track even though I'm a GM fan. I enjoy talking to the Jap bike riders and wrenchers even though my favorite bike is a Boss. That's the way it's supposed to be in my book. I see the decal of some guy pissing on a Chevy, or one of a guy pissing on a Ford and it makes me think the decal owner is a dip****.

I would suggest for those that haven't done so, a friendly drag race with ANY competitor is lots of fun. Win or lose, although "win" is more fun admittedly. I've educated a young pup or two who I've street raced and then he seemed to have an attitude about it. Win lose or draw, you wave, smile, thumbs up, or pull over and BS about it leaving with a new friend and a handshake.

In regard to the Jap bikes or any other bike out there...be careful if you've got thin skin or feel you've got the fastest, badest thing out there and can't deal with getting spanked once in a while. Some of those bikes will do it. If one challenges you on the street and you're in a position that if it beats you, you will suffer embarassment or humiliation, don't race him. Just put on that funny smile and make him THINK you're not going to waste gas on him. With the Boss being the enigma it is, he too might think it's the fastest bike on the planet. As I heard from one of my friends, and mentioned in a post to a bud this morning, it's the "perception vs reality" issue again.

Once again, these mpegs are not meant to make anyone feel bad or send any message other than sharing some of the fun moments we have at the track. Anyone who doesn't have any sense of humor seeing an ugly Yamaha bagger blasting down the track as fast as some V8 bikes doesn't have a sense of humor in my humble opinion. Flip me an email if that's the case and I'll take you off my distribution list.

Finally, I'm going to have to limit the mpegs because some of you guys with dial-up connections or small mailboxes are not getting all the mpegs and I'm getting returns that your mailbox is too full or similar.

To those who enjoy them as I do, I'll get some more your way. Didn't mean to be so long-winded, just don't want to make anyone feel bad or give the impression I'm one of those goofballs trying to pee on someone elses ride. Regards,

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Hey Elliot,

Can you send those MPEGS to my AOL box(es)...thanks, they have larger capacities and I would love to see a few of them.

[email protected] & [email protected]

Thanks bud..........Tim
Drag Race Editorial

Hi Elliot, I would like to check out those mpegs if you wouldn't mind sending them. I have hi speed internet so don't worry about my end. Thanks.
I'd like to see them too! Thanks!


Anyone else wanting videos needs to contact another member to get them. Your requests have been dribbling in for a week now and I'm spending half my life with mpeg uploads. Sorry but much more of this and I won't have time to ride. :(

Also having a lot of trouble with some of your mailboxes not having the capacity to take all the videos and I'm getting swamped with notifications of them not being accepted and having to resend them. :(

Maybe Lamont can advise or figure out a way they can go to the website and you can get them direct. Lamont, you listening? :lol:

Geez Elliot........you can sure tell the weather is getting better on the right coast of Florida.......testy ! :lol:

Just kidding. It would be kinda cool if there was a way to upload those tot the site for viewing and then delete them after 7 dayd or so. That way if you wanted to download them and have them you could.

Wish I was there to enjoy the weather....still gonna try for a trip next year to hook up for a cruise to the Keys......


Had sent you an email a bit ago with one attached. See if it opens ok. If Lamont can't help us on this, rest assured I'll git 'em to ya.

Re; the weather, it's terrible. Highs are only supposed to stay in the mid 70's and lows are going all the way down to the mid to high 50's. Brrrr!


Thanks, I'll see if they got through.

I'm jealous of the weather for sure :cry: But summer here is only 8 weeks away........we hope :?

Any member that got all of the drag videos with some extra time on your hands (It IS Winter) who is also a member of the yahoo group, can upload them to the files section of the yahoo group. That will make it possible for the rest of us to download them from there. Anyone who is not a member can get an invite from Adrian I believe.

I haven't gotten the videos yet. I have a cable modem and a big inbox, but so far, I have only got two videos. There are already some files of Eliott and crew racing on there now that many of you may not have seen yet.

Just an idea,


Rich - I sent all of them to you.. check is in the mail!!


I've been Drag racing for so long that when I started the strip was 1/2 dirt and grass. I will say that the one thing I hate to read the next day is that so 'n' so won and Adrian also ran. I can't stand to be an "ALSO RAN". If I can't win or at least have a chance my toy stays on the trailer till it can. If you are going to keep this up, (and glad you are) I sure wish you guys would get up off your pocket book and do what ever it takes to be there first.
You think those snot nose guys are good guys but they can't wait till you Boss owners are not around so they can laugh at you with your $40,000 slugs, that their little $9,000 hot dog (that Daddy bought for them) beat the crap out of you.
Your my pal and wish I lived there for a season so we do what ever it took.


I know how you feel.............losing isn't in my best interest. However, it sure does cost a lot of $$$ to keep going back for more......

I think if you really get one of these things competitive with a bullet bike, you're going to be so far into it that the streetability is going out the window. Then you effectively have a pro-street or king-street bike which is not a cruiser. Kinda like what Marvs gang rides.

Kinda like Elliot said about the mods that Marv makes to the swing arms. It has to effect the handling when you take 3" off the end of the swing arm......but it sure puts a lot of weight t othe rear tire on launch :)

It would be interesting to have the boys get Marv to the east coast on either one of his short bikes and see how that effects the times and outcomes......one other thing, Marv has never been known to back out of anything, and I remember him when we raced together on the 60's. Has always been and still is slightly insane & a large lack of fear (common sense).

But you have to give the Japs credit.........for showroom stock, street legal production bikes, they build some fast stuff.

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I Hate to say it but I don't think the Boss Hoss will ever be top dog as far as drag racing the crotch rockets. They just have too much power and you can't get them to hook up the way they are set up . If you add more horse power , the more they break loose . The only way to get them to hook up is to run some kind of slick and then will the drive train take the stress of a wide slick . I think we should ride these bikes for what they are , the biggest baddest street machine ever made and leave dragstrips to the sneaker wearing , pimpley faced , snotty nosed , organ donateing, back stabbing , crotch rocket riders. Now if they had a class strickly for Boss Hoss's , that might be a different story.

I'm just damned glad I sold my bullet bike before I met you & Cheryl :lol:

I think you're right. There just isn't anything that compares to a bike with a V8 hung in it. Don't care if it's a BH, Cannon, Brute....whatever. I know there are a lot of BH owners that want an 8 second street bike, but it ain't happening in stock form. All the numbers are there, but like we all talked about a year ago, the more you get to the ground, the farther you move the weakest link.

I crewed a AABAD rail in LA for a number of years....everytime we stepped it up we found another weak spot......just like Force and all of the other big dogs......**** only takes so much before it breaks. If it ain't breaking, you're laying in the weeds.

I have been very fortunate with mine, no problems, happy camper, get wood every time I sit on it. Still like to stare at my computer desktop and look at it :) Still like to sneak by the shop just to pull the cover off...oh for spring to come......you guys going to Daytona :evil:

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One of the locals here has spent more on his Boss than the law should allow. He was the one who pussed out Wed. night because "it was too cold". The reality is he can do great burnouts but might have gotten spanked by countless guys there including a stock 350. Just like the football or baseball teams, one team can beat any other team on a given day. You know at the track on a non-professional level especially, there's always a way to win and a way to get beat. Pouring money into the Boss to help ensure more wins will work sometimes, but then there will be that time that the tire goes up in smoke and a Kawasaki 600 will kick your ass.

We go because we've enjoyed the track for a long time, like the crowd, like the feel, etc. Heck, I like sitting in the stands and watching the kids with their Hondas and Mitsubishis, the 2cycle quads, the piece of crap '70 Monte Carlos that some tomato picker is driving, etc. If we win...great. When we don't...it's still ok. A "win" to us quite frankly is improving the last best time we had. That's been the bragging rights goal. We're resolved to the FACT that a bike like a ZX12 or a 'Busa can beat us all things being equal...period. We put money into ours to beat one, they put money into theirs to beat us. Pointless to compete on that basis with a bike we also cruise on. If it were a track only bike...different deal.

Don't get fooled into thinking that all the Jap bike riders are pimply faced pizza delivery boys. Most folks we've talked to there riding the Jap bikes don't have acne and rich folks. Many are middle-aged, educated, some with a bunch of different bikes, etc. The other night there was a gal racing a big Suzuki that was about 5'7", 35 years old and Playmate material. She not only looked really fine in her race duds but was kicking some butt, turning some great times, had a great attitude, and was a growth and development planner for the county. Then, there's me. As opposite from a pimply faced 18 year old with rich parents as one can get. You are right however, I'll bet some have snickered how their $6k jobby beat our $40k "car with 2 wheels". In spite of that, they'd probably give a nut to own one. Then the other factor is that I usually dont g.a.*. what they think anyhow.

I was one of the guys who had the "perception" about the Boss being the fastest bike around but got educated into the "reality" back when Monte and Doug got their ass kicked all over the place by that ZX12 a few years back. From that point on and almost every time at the track since, I've known the score. I've been dusted more than once on I-75 and done the dusting a bunch.

My reality these days is that the Boss was not then and is not now the fastest bike around. Doesn't bug me a bit. It IS the coolest bike around hands down. It is one of the most fun, does the best burnouts, and a bunch of other things it deserves "best of" title. King of the hill at the track just ain't gonna be one of them.

The faster I've made mine, the worse it got for cruising and reliability. I personally think the factory did a real good job finding the right formula for as big a cross section of buyers it sells to. The exception to me is still the tranny. Other than that, I'm going to leave it alone, spend no more money ('cept for tranny parts and chrome) and still be able to go to the track and have a blast...win, lose or draw.

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If you really want to see the ultimate "wierd" actz....you have to come to Minnesota and go to our favorite 1/8 mile and watch the SNOWMOBILES run in the 6's all nite !!!

Pretty wierd when you see 12.0 1/4 cars get on the 1/8 mile with a sled and sled slaps him in the nuts.

I'd like to see that Tim. I went 70 mph on a snowmobile once and it was pretty skeeery for a Florida boy. Talked to a couple from Minnesota who said they see 'em go 115+ mph on the frozen lakes up there but the cops would be a pain in the butt. Can't imagine. 6 seconds? Damn! How do they run on an asphalt track?

I see the kids here on the quads going real fast. Not sure how many gears they have or what kind of fuel they're burning but those mothers tear down the track wheelstanding and are doing mid 7 second times around 90 mph.

It would be pretty tough getting out there on a Boss and getting beat by a snowmobile or a quad. Damn, that's worse than getting beat by a Jap bike!

In 02 We ran our AA top fuel car at Boise and those Idaho guys have nothing to do in the summer time for sure. The had snowmobiles with small rollers on the skies and the fastest one ran a low 9 second and 149 MPH. I couldn't believe it but those things are super fast.

Hey Elliot,
Keep them coming bro, I love them. A bud of mine has a Bussa, we have never raced cause he thinks I'll win. I just keep letting him think that while everyone is lusting after the Boss and barely noticing his bike. <grin> :lol:
Hey Rick,

Keep letting him think that. Most of the Jap bike riders have no idea how close it would be. Being into speed and loving bikes too, most of them are very awestruck by the Boss. If they had the cahones or the bucks, most would have one.

Head to head Rick, you can beat most stock 'Busas from a 40+ mph roll and up to the shift point around 120 mph with the 502. If the Jap bike is modified it's another story.

I got a number of the mpegs back with a message your mailbox was full or something like that. Never heard anything from Lamont about posting them on the site so I guess I'll try to send a few more to you individually as soon as able. Best regards...

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