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Drag Bars

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Fast Eddie, I saw where you posted to Rene about the Drag bars and though maybe you would like to see my set up. Mine a Buffalo Bars 31" wide, 10" high , 8 1/2 " pull back . I wanted them slightly wider so I machined some 2" spacers and extensions for each side of the bars. Now they are a total of 35" wide . They are very comfortable and they handle like a dream . Here is some pictures of the bars and spacers.


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Jack - Those bars really look awesome. The extensions, did you weld them into the ends? Did you try riding with the stock width the bars came in first? A bear? How about at slow speeds?

I Love drag bars and have them on most of my bikes just hought the Boss might be a little too heavy.

Thanks Ed, the throttle extension fits on the end of the throttle sleeve and the left extension I fit inside the end of the handle bars. The stock bar length of 31" was fine and the bike handled like a dream , but when cruising down the road I had a tendency to hold on towards the end of the grips so I thought why not make the bars a little longer. Just my preference. I've always liked the way the Harley rubber grips felt so thats what I used , I just put some fancy ends on them. Believe me you would love these bars . Super comfortable and like I said , the bike hanles like a dream at slow or high speeds.

The bars look great! In your pictures it looks like a visor on the speedo guage, is that right or am I "seeing things"?

Ed, I took Jack's recommendation with the 31" Buffalo Bars. Couldn't be happier. Easy as can be handling wise and the look is awesome. Plenty of clearance above the tank and gas caps which can be a problem with a lot of the other bar's lower risers.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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