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Does anyone use a K & N air filter?

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Does anyone use a K & N air filter? I have a 2004 350 and the measurements look to be about 7" x 2.5". Does anybody know the correct number for a filter about that size? The closest one I could find was E-2500. How is performance, mileage w/ K&N?
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i don't use the K&N filter itself but I do use the Xtreme K&N lid modified to fit and I am sure that this does more for performance than just changing to the filter...thanks to those that put me onto the Xtreme lid!!!
K&N Air filter

I used an E3284 on my '96 clutch bike, ...it's a touch smaller in diameter but 4" high. I've also got one of those K&N XStream filter tops which I'll modiy to fit.
Anyone know if you can get the actual XStream element out of the cover because I may look at bonding it to my filter?

Les (Brrrrrr)
I use one made by K&N and is sold by the Factory. It fits perfect and is priced fair. Much more efficient, easy to clean and worth the time.

I have been looking into the higher flow air filters but have had no direct feedback from anyone that has had an original type filter and then went to the higher flow filter. Everyone I talk to says it improves the air flow . That is not disputed as I have seen the ping pong ball test work great. Does the high flow actually do something that is " noticable " in real life experience.
is there a K&N partnumber for the filter you are using ?
Thank you.
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