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DexCool GM Coolant Alert

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I have recently become aware that there is a controversy raging about the integrity of DexCool. Please do your own research on the Internet and make your own decision.

There are a number of Class Action lawsuits pending against GM concerning the use of DexCool. Litigants are claiming that DexCool causes corrosion, degradation of gasket material and clogging of the cooling system. GM has not yet admitted the validity of these claims. And, they probably never will.

I have taken this seriously as I have two late model GM vehicles and a Boss Hoss 502. I have changed the coolant in all my vehicles to one of the long standing, generally available coolants. I figure it is cheap insurance for very expensive vehicles. CAUTION, if you do this, you must get ALL the DexCool out of your cooling system as it is not compatible with any other coolant!

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Neil....Is Dex-cool the Orange stuff they put in all the Bikes at the Factory???.....Do you have a link to the article sayinging it's no good???

Thanks :cry:
Dave, I read some links Neil had sent me and they're alarming. Lots of lawsuits going on. Primarily, it lacks the agents that prevent corrosion and has in certain cases conjealed (sp?). :(

Absolutely not worth the risk or hassle when considering there's so many good alternatives out there. Change it if you have it.


I have some from GM but I can't find any thing that says Dex Cool anywhere on it so I guess it is OK. Does the Dex Cool show up on the bottle?

Dexcool - continued

Neil, this sounds like a very important subject to bring up. As Badger Dave had asked, does Boss Hoss put this stuff in during assembly,I'm think'in not.
Thanks all for the abundance of knowledge , Craig

I'm sorry I don't have any more information than I put in my original post. And, to top it off I have trouble with different shades of colors and I understnad DexCool came in both red and green.

So...yes, the gallon I purchased from my local Chevy dealer was prominently marked "DexCool". One technical detail I am sure of is that DexCool is not compatible with any other brand of coolant. It says so right on the container. That in itself is enough to make me change it. If I were to get caught on the road with a cooling system problem, I'd have to change it in its entirety (flush the block) before any other coolant could be added.

I do not know if the factory is still using DexCool. My 2003 manual so indicates but I have not asked the factory.

This is one of those things each of us has to decide for ourselves. I chose to install an industry standard coolant with no restrictions on mixing and that is available everywhere as the right answer for me.

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