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detialed pic's

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I'm needing and will pay for any detailed pic's of any and all V8 bike's and trike's. Email what you got (not the pic's) lol. Like i siad i'm looking for detail,pic's i can enlarge with clearity,high pixel. Also any part's list,with number's,make's,ANYTHING. Did i say i will pay.
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WOW talk about a bunch oh pic's. But you know that just made the need for more more.Lot's of good pic's.anybody else got more info let me know. Also i joined the bigbikre's site too.
lots of help

I would like to thank the group for all the help they give to a newbie. I'll admit i an't got the big bucks to go out and buy a 30 thow V8 bike or trike. So ya i am trying to build my own from scatch. I got fork's,frame and a rearend. Just looking for some help. But thank you all, MOSTLY LAMONSTERV8. HE found me some VERY VERY GOOD pic's that were very helpful,with lots of info. Thank's man YOUR helpful pic's are going to go far. :beer3:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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