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Deer Alert

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Here's a good web site if your interested in installing a deer alert on your bike. Might save you some bumps and bruises . Maybe your ass . www.hornetnorthwest.com
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Hey, Jack I figure as long as I hit square broadside the Boss will just cut thew sucker in half and I'll keep going :lol:
Wag , I wouldn't count on that. I think I told you I hit a deer on my Harley about 15 years ago and I'm lucky to be alive. I still hurt from that one .
Deer whistles

I read in a motorcycle magazine sometime ago, it may have been Motorcycle Consumer News, that the verdict is still out on the benefit of deer whistles.

Yes, they startle the deer, and supposedly scare them AWAY from the road, but deer are very skittish and may just as easily scare INTO the road. Just this last week I assisted an elderly couple at the scene where they had just hit a deer. They had TWO whistles on their front bumper. They did not have the new higher-tech style that emit sonic waves though.

I have passed countless deer that are peacefully grazing on the side of the roadway and I'm not sure that I would want to scare them into ANY type of movement.

As some of you may have heard, I spent an extra eight days in Daytona this year spending time with my father, at Halifax Medical Center, who hit a deer on his bike. This issue has become quite important to me...and has messed with my head pretty good. If anyone has information, either pro/con regarding these whistles, I would sure like to hear about it.


Bill Taylor
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Just another input...

I have a good friend who owns a body shop in Wisconsin. He told me he loves those deer whistles / alarms / alerts. He has damaged autos in his shop all the time that have hit deer and that have the alerts on them.
This company that sells these electronic deer alerts say that if you hit a deer with one their units installed on your vehicle , they will pay your deductable insurance up to $500.00. All I can say is I have one on both my bikes and I haven't hit a deer yet . HA HA
Deer alert

Don't count on riding very far after hitting a deer. I hit a small one at 50 m.p.h..After he got jamed under the back wheel, it was all over!!!!! It felt like the entire bike was riding on JELLO!!! Busted my butt...tore the bike all to You know what...Bad thing it was the first day I had the Boss....Both me and the Hoss are back on the road...Watch out for Bambi.....
Ouch videos

Been there... felt that. It's going to hurt. One month recovery and a totaled V65 magna. Progressive ins was great. I would think the sound of the Boss would alter the pitch of the whistles (electronic or forced air) to render them useless (or maybe just less effective). But I would be desperate enough to try anything that showed some evidence of effectiveness.
Wear your protective gear !!!

Check these links to see the pain...


Gee, Fat...I'm not sure why you posted this. We all know the possibility of hitting a deer. The inevitable is the inevitable. We ride with the knowledge of our vulnerability in many ways like the idiot left hand turn into our path.
What can we do to insure ourselves...NOTHING!...JOE
I live in Mississippi in a heavily deer populated area. I have used the deer alerts ( the cheap Wally World ones) on several vehicles. The ones that do not have them, have been the ones that have hit deer. Is it a coincidence. I do not know. The other thing that I do is I never change the tone of the vehicle if I see them on the side of the road. I think this spooks the deer more than anything else. My 2 cents....
Hey Joe... The videos are not for the faint of heart. It reminds me why I wear a helmet and leathers in 90 degree weather. Pennsylvania is loaded with deer like many other states. So you ask "what can we do to insure ourselves"... well I think Jack may be on to something here. The Hornet deer avoidance device may have some merit. Priced at 70 bucks, its not a strain on a Boss wallet. At 10 mA power consumption, we could tie it into our running light circuit and avoid a switch. No brainer install. It's certainly not a guarantee, but it may help. Anything to avoid that day again. The only way to insure ourselves is multiple layers of protection... leathers, helmet, and maybe a device or two. The videos open the eyes of a newbie to watch out for deer country. It's much harder to put them back together without a helmet... Imagine the benefit if this product does its job just once...

If you want to reduce your chances of hitting a deer by about 95 % , just don't ride after sunset or before sunrise . Then all you really have to worry about are the four wheel idiot's .


Interesting product. I wonder how much you actually hear it?? SOunds like maybe us old farts wouldn't hear it much, but it could be damned iritationg.

I agree with you, riding times is really the best way to minimize the risk, but here in Minnesota, our inter city deer populations have gotten so bad that we are seeing them in Minneapolis proper, crossing the interstates during rush hour traffic :cry: :( Gets very exciting at 5:30 in the afternoon, or 7:00 in the morning watching a 10 pointer walk out in front of a couple thousand cars, all moving at 70 mph, bumper to bumper......just like NASCAR, smoke and crap flying all over :lol:

Unfortunately, it is a risk we all face when riding, or driving.

Bill, how is your dad doing?? I guess I thought he had gotten out of the hospital some time ago. Man that is a long recovery period. Sorry for that.

Thanks for asking about my Pop. We have come to the realization that he might never be 100% where he was pre-accident, but he is very good considering the hit that his 63 year old body took! All the "broken parts" have healed nicely, it is just his head injury that has some nagging leftover effects. He is very emotional now and his memory/accuracy of thought isn't what it was, but he has a good job and is doing well! He won't be on a bike anytime soon and possibly never again, but he's ok with that. He sure missed not being at Daytona this year though.

One other thought about reducing your chances of hitting a deer...I read somewhere in the last year that the large majority of deer strikes happen in the month of November. FYI.

I agree about not riding at night.

I've had a Hornet on my bike for 2 years. Deer seemed to react ok, but elk, moose coyotes, not. I still feel it's a good investment, because it can't hurt, right? I will have one on every bike I own from now on.
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