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I just got back in from Daytona late this afternoon. Had a real good time and the weather was perfect this year. I got to meet Lamont, Don V-Man, Hossman and his wife, and Captain Bob. Was glad to get to see Neil and he offered me some pointers on "bettering" my ride. Got to go for a nice ride with Steve Barr down to Titusville for some rock shrimp. Was hoping to meet more but it is hard when everybody comes and goes. We have got a bunch of good folks riding these machines!

Saw some awesome bikes this year. Bruce and Debbie had a trike "Engine 1" done up in Fire Engine red to the 9's. It was sweet and already sold of course. It has light bars and the full siren/horn set up just like a fire truck. She said they are planning to build just three of those.

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