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Daytona Cells?

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Maybe it would be good to post them here. I have most of you loaded in my phone now.

Cell 423-552-0728
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cell number

Ii'll be in Daytona area 5th-8th.
Cell # 267-251-1565

Cell Phone

Good Idea!

3/4 thru 3/8. 770-789-3963


On the road 25 Feb ... In Daytona 4 March - 13 March
The 7th thru the 11th (hopefully the 12th :D ).


Elliot's in Daytona Sat March 5th - Wed March 9th.
Staying at Tropic Shores, S. Daytona Bch
(239) 410-3040

Same with Gary
(239) 571-9601
4th to the 14th. Edited to remove phone number (Google being what it is and all).

Bill Taylor
I'll be in Daytona March 5th - 26th .
Staying at Tropic Shores , S. Daytona .
Jack and Cheryl
I'll be in Daytona the 7th - 11th.
Staying at the Hilton Ocean Walk ( old Adams Mark )


PS I hope to extend my stay for 1 day so I can make the Friday ride.
Cell numbers

I'll be there friday nite thru sunday nite on both weekends.

770- 294-5550
I'll be there 10th thru the 13th.

Cell No.: 850-933-7115
I just got it all put together this morning!! I'll be shipping my bike to Orlando and flying to Orlando with my girlfriend. We'll stay a week or 9 days, depending on what days we can get a flight. She is a flight attendant here and we can fly real cheap, but on a standby basis. We might even have to travel via JFK to get there. Flights to Florida from here are usually full this time of year, but we'll get there sooner or later.

I wish we had the time to haul the Boss to Vegas and ride the rest of the way, but we don't. Looking forward to it :D

My cell # is 403-369-6245
daytona bikeweek

gizmo 3-02-to 3-15 570-241-6813 mj will be in lake helen ex 55 off I-4
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