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Dang, Dunlop 350? on an 18" rim!

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Just read in a biker magazine that Dunlop has the 300 and 350 series bike tires! When will this madness stop? hahaaha. Reminds me a couple of years ago with the pro-street look on cars with those 15" wide tires-looked great but useless for daily driving. I guess it is the bigger-the-better- syndrome eh.
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Size does matter :lol:

I know Marv said all of the guys making BH rims are developing 10+" wheels for the bigger tires. He already sells the 12" fender.....just hope he designs a rim that will bolt to my center section so I don't have to change it all :wink:

If tires get any wider you won't need a kick stand . I think their getting a little ridiculous . Wide is cool , but there's got to be a limit , unless you want your bike to look like a steam roller and handle like one .

I think you're right. Some of the stuff is getting so far out of line that the bikes are starting to look a little goofy. The v-rod with a 280 looks like some one gave it hemeroids (sp?).......

A Boss could probably run a 300 and still look proportionate to its' overall size..........but a buddy of ours is putting a 250 on his wifes Deuce and from the pics I saw, it just looks out of proportion for that narrow scooter.

But individual likes are what make the world go around, right ?

These days it seems someone just has to say something is the newest look and then it's Monkey see, Monkey do! I agree that some of the bikes are starting to look out of proportion. Just like the new look in choppers. I was looking through the latest issue of Full Throttle Magazine, and it seems that everyone and their brother is making choppers now. Jesse James, Orange County, Big Dog, Iron Horse, Billy Bob & Jimmy Joe.........Thing is, they all look kinda the same. I'll take my Boss, thank you very much! :capwin:
Don B
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