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So Jim..... How does Tony like his new converter?? Are you going with Adrian for this ride through reno?? I don`t think I can get the whole week off but might be up to a couple days.
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Hey Tommy,
I just made my reservations for Saturday & Sunday nights in Reno.
We'll be in a day ealier than Adrian. I'm attempting to have another couple with us for at least Saturday night for their Aniversary/birthday. Whether they can hang for another 2 days... don't know. I also made a reservation in Tahoe for Monday night. We'll likely head home from that point.
Hey Tommy,
Got my bike back from Adrian with the #7 converter.
A dierent bike!!!
Definately gets it in ist. It's a WOW... Laid good patch from 35mph. Went back to look at it.. Very fun. I'm not one to leave rubber on the road so this was a thrill!! The shifting is smoother, you don't get this need to go from the bike when at a stop while waiting for the light, and the down shifting compression is much less and different.
I like the compression when heading into turns prio to the conversion and it's void of this now.. will need to get used to this feeling.
Good deal.... Now we need to get your distribuitor set up and it will THRILL ya!! As far as the down shifting goes... You might want to take a look at your owners manual regarding that. They say heavy downshift is a no no... right next to upshifting.
Looks like I am going to pass on the upcoming ride.... duty calls.....
you guys have a ball!!
Adrian did the distributor advance as well. And baby this kicks it.

adrian did the distributor advance as well.
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:lol: Cool.... Now it runs like a 385 HP bike should run huh? I`ll bet you have a grin from ear to ear every time you give it a little. I know I do.
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