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Cruise Control (Throttle Clamp)

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Does anybody know who makes and sells this type of "cruise control" ? I have an old clamp like this made of plastic, but (of course) it does not fit the Boss.

http://www.ebosshoss.com/default.asp%3F ... Number=027

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Hmm, for some reason the link does not work. Go to http://www.ebosshoss.com ,for sale, 2003 470 All-Aluminium, Picture 27.

Hey Peter--

It is made by 50's Boy--it works great once it is adjusted correctly.

Here is a very informative link....50's Boy Cruise Control

Thank you Jon,
nice bike you have there :)
Cruise Buddy

I couldn't see the link, but here's what I have, looks and works great!

Thank you Jim,
seems to do the same thing for less.
I have the 50's boy cruse control and I love it. The way it makes the throttle rachet is cool. I didn't like how it made my hand grip short so I came up with a easy fix. Bought a plastic throttle tube and a PVC pipe fitting that fit perfectly in the collar of the cruise control. With a little sanding it slid on to the throttle tube. I cut about a quarter inch off the end of the fitting and glued it on the tube with PVC cement. Then you can run any grip you want as it just slides on the tube and buts in to the cruise unit instead of the unit going over the top of the grip


Didn't you recently spend $130 for new gas caps? $10,000+ to upgrade your $30,000 bike? $50k on an FX45? You have even entertained the idea of buying or building an all-aluminum motor! A lot of people would find each of those extravagances to be "a lot for the luxury."

I do not sell 50's Boy Accessories and it makes me no difference who decides to get one—I was sharing my experience with a product I have been using for about 3 years and I really like—I think it is well worth $350 but everyone should decide for themselves.

Ride safe Joe and everybody—and have a good 4th,

Jon Ukman
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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