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Sir Crazyness,
I saw a sticker in Daytona and had to buy it for you, but didn't see you again. I'll give it to you at the Rally in Dyersburg. It reads:


It's the old if a tree falls in the woods argument... Well, the whole group saw it, and you now have written proof of your burnout prowess!

I enjoyed the smoke and rubber in my face though very much...Karen, I can now relate to what you go through!

I'm not sure if you and Leonard are going to get me to skydive from 14,000 feet, but stay on me about that one. You never know.

Lamont told me about a guy who got busted for doing a wheely and they were going to take him down town etc. I think he said that they had the cuffs on him and everything, but then let him off a little easier at the last minute. Also, the guys from Siron were telling me that one of their guys got busted doing a HUGE burnout on Route 1 just in front of their display area and they also got the same"Careless Driving", "Spinning your wheel in traffic" $112 ticket that you got.

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the stunt show on the way to and from Rich's Tavern. The side saddle stunt and the others are great. You are truely crazy!

You need to share your story about getting stuck in the side-saddle position with the group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


p.s. I just hope your insurance guy isn't reading this.

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I am going to buy a Harley,

NOT !! :lol:

Hell man, I just got another safe driving award on friday. (91mph in a 70) Maybe I should buy one of them SLOW bikes. Hahaha!

I will be doing a REAL Stunt Show in Eastman Ga. on saturday.( At the Airport) No Coppers, just lots of smoke and some drag races with airplanes. You would like the burnouts from sidesaddle as well as the one handed variety. We are going to get some video this year, so if I can figure out how, I'll post some next week.

May have to ride in a taxi if my luck don't change. :p

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The next one may be a DAR (driving after revocation).....that would suck big time :evil:

Oh well, you can always ride "bitch" behind Karen.....my bride threatens me with that everytime I get "too far left of the center line", which is quite often :wink:

Life is too short to worry about keeping a drivers license.......fakes are available for cheap in most major cities :lol:

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