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Has anyone seen or tried this KOOL TOOL product made by SHOGUN . What it is basically is a disc that bolts in between you flywheel and your converter with fan blades on it to cool the converter. You can see it on their website www.shogunsystems.com Click on buy on line and it will show their products including the KOOL TOOL .
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I am not even close to an "expert" here but that looks like a really good idea! Simple design with good theory behind it. Less then forty thousands of an inch thick - temp change up to minus 70 degrees! WOW if this would work in our trannies ... you may have earned the "best find" award! Get those trailer jacks of yours ready :)


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Don , I'm not the guy that actually discovered it, someone on one of the Boss Hoss sites posted this a while back and then I didn't hear any more about it . It seems like it should work but I don't know .
This seems like a real good idea. I sure wish somebody knew if it really worked or not. I'm in a good position to add one.

I think the only thing I would worry about is that it might make some kind of noise but maybe not . Has anyone ever tried one of these KOOL TOOLS by SHOGUN SYSTEMS ?
Jack - WOW that site has exactly what we need!! A super water pump not a boat water pump like we now have. The water manifold is a great item also not the welded up unit we have. There are a few other items worth looking into also. A highly recommended web site to visit.

Ed , I thought they had a lot of cool stuff also . Do you think that water pump would bolt right up or would there have to be modifications made to it ? I guess I'll have to take another look at it .
Kool Tool

Jack and Ed;

I just spoke with the tech department of Shogun about a "Kool Tool" for my Boss (initial install of a single speed auto from a clutch).

They don't make one that will fit a 153 tooth flywheel, only a smaller and larger application than the Boss. Looked like a great idea!

Do you or anyone else think it would be a good thing, or even necessary to put 2 seperate external coolers in the transmission circuit for the single speed during initial install?

I'd like to do it right the first time (with proper advise and guidance).

It's really hot here sometimes, and I "spin" it pretty thouraghly on the I -roads. I plan on doing some longer rides this year as well.

I also cain't make out the schematic for the part numbers and descriptions on Wags post of "1 temp gauge for motor and tranny".

Can anyone help me with appropriate part numbers and where to put a trans temp circuit on a single speed auto?


Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips
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Not sure if the pan is the same on a single speed, but on tour 2 speeds we placed the sender in the lower left rear corner of the tranny case. You need to be in far enough to miss the internal webbing and in the middle of the fluid.

Use the same sender number as the water temp sender if you are going to use a single gauge. wire in a sitch and you're good to go. Works slick, just wire the switch so that when it is forward the engine temp is 'hot' and to the back you get tranny temp :lol: 8)

1 speed pan


Thanks, I haven't physically received the transmission yet (in the mail??), but in the photos I have seen, it looks like a seperate "tank" that mounts somewhere under the trans.

Appears to be possibly steel. That's why I was trying to decode that thing on Wag's (wonderful) help site with an inline temp sensing system.

What do you think about 2 coolers or might that be too much plumbing to push fluid thru, and or hang up on something and malfunction (leak)?

Soon as I get my hands on it, I'll let you know. Got a cute little dipstick and all!

Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips
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Lots of guys here running 2 coolers. Don't think there has been an issue of the trans not able to 'push' the fluid. I think we discussed it a couple years back and came to the conclusion that the pump was strong enough.

Wag and I both run 1 cooler with no skid pan and the #7 converter and have had no heat issues.

Almost have to see the trans to know exactly what you'll have>

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