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Converter install question

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Trailered the BH up to Detroit BH for the #7 install today. Very happy with the service. The owner (Jim) even met me on Sunday (closed) when I arrived to put my bike and trailer inside his building even though they weren't going start on it until Monday morning. Upon completion the bike would not move initially in gear. Revving only gave the bike a slight movement forward not even enough to make it up the trailer ramp. The sight tube showed full but a little more fluid was added. A bubble was noticed floating up the tube so it was guessed that the converter/trans just had some air pockets. (The new converter was said to be full when installed) After warming it seemed to improve so I trailered it back home as it was impossible to test ride with all the snow still on the streets. Once home it seemed to lock up fine pulling into the garage but again too much snow to take it out on the road. I'll try to give it a test ride before Daytona. Sure would hate to find out it's not right once I get there. The fluid level actually shows over full so my question is: does an air pocket sound like the culprit? My guess is a long ride to get it hot and recheck the fluid level ought to do it but wanted to ask the experts.
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Mine did the same thing at first. I think once you ride it a bit it will be fine.
Also... don`t be suprised when you see a little leak either. Overfilling at all will cause the excess to come out of the vent when it gets hot. Won`t hurt anything but makes a little mess.
Thanks as usual guys....I feel better about it now. Still feedin' the round things for the first "spin" so to speak.
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